First Aid Supplies

Travel size and individually packaged first aid supplies are perfect for stocking your first aid kit.

You can always be prepared with our travel size and individually packaged first aid supplies. You can adjust your first aid kit to your specific outing or location, and easily keep well stocked with up-to-date first aid supplies. Our travel size first aid supplies fit perfectly in your car, desk, home, office, locker, backpack, RV, or sports bag. Recommendations for a well equipped first aid kit include bandages, ice and hot packs, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic ointment. And it always helps to have some hand sanitzier . You can also try one of our pre-filled first aid kits, including those tailored to travel, sports, or coaching.
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Neosporin® Neo to go!® Spray P02-0124401-9200
Neosporin® Ointment P02-0124401-1000
Neosporin® Ointment (tube) P02-0124401-8100
PDI® Hygea Saline Sterile Wipe P03-0125001-8000
Safetec Burn Gel P02-0125901-1000
Safetec First Aid Burn Spray P04-0125902-8200
Safetec Hydrogen Peroxide Spray P03-0125908-8200
Safetec Insect sting relief wipe P03-0125901-8000
Safetec Personal Antimicrobial Wipes (P.A.W.S.) P03-0125902-1000
Safetec Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packet P02-0125904-1000
Splinter Out J01-0430702-8000
Sports Aid Coach's Field Kit K01-0259905-5100
Sports Aid Kit K01-0259903-5100
Sports Aid Mini Kit K01-0259901-5100
Sports Aid Starter Kit K01-0259902-5100
Star Wars™ Classic Cotton Swab Tins 30 Count - J01-0509903-9100 - Travel size reclosable tin of 30 cotton swabs. Various designs.
Star Wars™ Episode VII Cotton Swab Tins 30 Count - J01-0509904-9100 - Travel size reclosable tin of 30 cotton swabs. Various designs.
tecnu® Oak-N-Ivy® outdoor skin cleanser P04-0226001-8000
Tempa-DOT® Single Use Thermometer P06-0230201-8200
Traveler Med Kit K01-0489907-9000
Vaseline® Lip Therapy Tube - Advanced Formula P02-0122901-8100
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly P02-0122902-9200
Vicks® VapoRub® P02-0111301-9000
Visine Eye Drops J01-0449801-8000 - 0.28 fl oz travel size
Water-Jel® Hydrocortisone Cream P02-0125202-1000