Gluten Free Food

Only food products that have been labeled by the manufacturer as being Gluten Free are listed here in our Gluten Free Food shopping aisle. Though other products may also qualify as Gluten Free, they are not marked by the manufacturer.

To determine which of our products may be free of wheat, barley, rye and oats (WBRO), and for more specific information about such products, contact the Celiac Sprue Association at (toll free) 877-CSA-4-CSA (877-272-4272), e-mail to or write to CSA /USA, Inc.; PO Box 31700; Omaha, NE 68131-0700. CSA's website provides information on Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis and can be accessed at

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Product Details Qty.  
Caffe Dvita® Cappuccino - Sugar Free French Vanilla F20-1334921-8200-1/4 oz. packet premium instant cappuccino.
Caffe Dvita® Cappuccino - English Toffee F20-1334906-8200-1/2 oz. packet premium instant cappuccino.
Caffe Dvita® Cappuccino -  Caramel F20-1334905-8200-1/2 oz. packet premium instant cappuccino.
Caffe Dvita® Cappuccino -  Mocha F20-1334904-8200-1/2 oz. packet premium instant cappuccino.
True Grapefruit Flavor Crystal F11-0128604-1100 - 0.8 g packet.
Ocean Spray Blueberry Craisins F30-3017402-1200 - 1.16 oz individual package.
Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce F03-4017602-0000 - 6 ml sealed packet
General Mills® Honey Nut Chex Cereal(bowl) F25-2509214-5100
Gluten Free Snack Sampler K01-2059931-2100 - Kit contains 17 different products (36 total) in a plastic drawstring bag.
Gluten Free Snack Sampler - Kids K01-2059932-2500 - Kit contains 15 different products (25 total) in a plastic drawstring bag.
Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Seasoning Blends® - Sweet & Spicy F01-0941232-1100 - .25 oz packet.
Gluten-Free Snacks Kit K01-0359924-1520 - 17 Gluten-Free Snacks
Redmond RealSalt Sea Salt Pocket Shaker F01-0977105-8100 - .21oz plastic shaker.
Redmond RealSalt All Natural Sea Salt packet F01-0977101-1100 - .035 oz sealed paper packet.
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Hickory BBQ F40-4366403-8400.1.5 oz sealed bag.
Bigelow Perfect Peach Herb Tea F20-1823819-0000 Single bag in sealed packet.
Bigelow Sweetheart Cinnamon Herb Tea F20-1823818-0000 - Single bag in sealed packet.  Gluten Free.  Herb tea kissed with sweet apple.  No caffeine.
Arizona Peppers Organic Harvest Chipotle Habanero Sauce F03-3772829-3100 - 3/4 oz plastic bottle.
Popchips Barbecue Potato F40-4368502-8300
Popchips Original Potato F40-4368501-8300
Sunbutter Creamy Sunflower Seed Spread Squeeze Pack F06-0164501-1200 - 1.1 oz creamy sunflower seed spread in individual size squeeze packet.
Food Should Taste Good® Original Sweet Potato Chip F40-4764901-8200
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chip F09-0164901-8200 - 1 oz in sealed bag
Ocean Spray® Craisins F30-3017401-1200
Stevia in the Raw natural sweetener F08-0234801-1100