Miscellaneous Personal Care

Browse these travel sized items and travel sized toiletries that don't fit into a category.

We love providing you with all your travel size needs - and that includes these hard to categorize, travel size personal care items. Beard comb? We got it. Travel size bed bug spray? Yup. Travel size mustache wax? Check. Travel pop up hairbrush? It's here. Travel size make up remover wipes? Uh-huh. Tweezers? Of course. Travel size contact lens solution? Got that, too. So, poke around, you'll find all kinds of travel size personal items and toiletries.
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Moist Cotton Towel - Peach - Mango J01-0761704-9100
Moist Cotton Towel - Unscented J01-0761701-9100
Moist Cotton Towel Sampler, K01-0489921-2100
Ms. Manicure File When Ready S02-0458003-9000-3 packaged mini salon boards.
Ms. Manicure Mini Nail File and Clipper S02-0458002-9000
Ms. Pedicure Pocket Pedi mini pedicure set S02-0458003-9100
Nivea® Lip Butter Cocoa Butter Kiss P02-0156305-8200-0.59 oz. travel tin of lip butter. Cocoa flavored.
Nivea® Lip Butter Raspberry Rose Kiss P02-0156303-8200-0.59 oz raspberry rose kiss lip butter in travel size tin.
Nivea® Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss P02-0156304-8200-0.59 oz. travel tin of lip butter. Vanilla & Macadamia flavored.
Noxzema® Classic Clean C02-0379901-9200-2 oz. container of original deep cleansing cream.
O.B.® Pro Comfort (40 count) C08-0162102-8200-40 silktouch, regular absorbency tampons in a single package.
OFF!® DEEP WOODS® insect repellent towelettes - unscented P04-0131902-8000-0.123 oz packet. Unscented Insect Repellent Towelettes.
Palladio Rice Paper Tissues - Natural C05-0366001-8400 - 40 tissues in reclosable packet
Palladio Rice Paper Tissues - Translucent C05-0366002-8400 - 40 tissues in reclosable packet
Palmer's® Coconut Oil Body Lotion C02-0323605-8300-1.7 fl oz. bottle. 24 hr moisture.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Daily Moisturizer BC2-0189406-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Light-Weight. Oil Free.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Deep Cleansing Clay Mask BC2-0189403-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin K & Mangosteen.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Energizing Facial Scrub BC2-0189401-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin B & Acai Berry.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser BC2-0189402-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin A & Sea Buckthorn.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Gentle Peel Off Mask BC2-0189404-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin C & Pomegranate.
Pierre F ProBiotic Skin Care Moisturizing Cleanser BC2-0189400-1400-0.75 fl oz. packet. Vitamin E & Noni.
Playtex® Sport® Liners - Regular (20 pack) C08-0333301-8300-20 pack, individually wrapped pantiliners with FlexFit.
Pockette European Luxury Tissues Lavender J01-0686503-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Pockette® European Luxury Tissues Mint J01-0686502-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, travel sized white pocket tissues.
Pockette™ European Luxury Tissues Unscented J01-0686501-810010, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.