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Sunlight® Dishwashing Liquid Fresh D03-0129202-1300 - 3 fl. oz. travel size liquid dish soap in plastic bottle.
Boulder Canyon™ Avocado Oil Canyon Cut™ Chips F40-4366407-8300 - 1.25 oz. bag kettle cooked potato chips with avocado oil and sea salt.
Skippy® Peanut Butter cup F06-0110001-2100 - 0.5 oz. creamy peanut butter individual size cup.  A convenient travel size for on the go.
Skippy™ Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly 2.12 oz. F06-0110001-1201 - 2 pouches. 1 peanut butter (1.12 oz), 1 grape jelly (1 oz).
The Better Chip® Chipotle Whole Grain F40-4464209-8200 - 1.5 oz. bag. Vegan. Non-GMO. Certified Gluten-Free.
The Better Chip® Spinach & Kale Whole Grain F40-4464210-8200 - 1.5 oz. bag. Vegan. Non-GMO. Certified Gluten-Free.
Appleways® Blueberry Lemon Crispy Bites F32-3937400-8100 - 1 oz. individually sealed package.
Outdoor Gamer Survival Kit K01-0359904-2100 - Perfect for the outdoor gamer on the go.
Polished Wood Manicure Stick S02-0909901-9000 - A single manicure stick made of polished wood.
LA Fresh Travel Lite™ Unisex Antiperspirant Wipe C02-0216800-1000 - 1 unisex antiperspirant wipe in sealed travel size packet.
Axe® Apollo Refreshing Shower Gel C02-0722201-8300 - 3 fl. oz. bottle. No.1 Male shower gel brand in the world.
Axe® Phoenix Refreshing Shower Gel C02-0722202-8300 - 3 fl. oz. bottle. No.1 Male shower gel brand in the world.
Bitzy™ Top Coat Nail Polish C05-0170602-8100 - 0.25 fl. oz. travel size clear top coat mini polish in glass bottle.
Perky Jerky Beef Jerky F30-3635201-8200 - 1 oz. sealed package.
SlimFast® Caramel Almond Sea Salt Meal Replacement Bar V01-0335904-8200 - 1.59 oz. bar. 10 g. Protein. 5 g. Fiber. 18 Vitamins & Minerals.
Skippy® Creamy Peanut Butter Pouch 1.12 oz F06-0110001-1200 - 1.12 oz. packet.
Beer Nuts® Cashews F30-3241403-4100 - 1 oz. packet of cashews.
Jelly Belly Super Hero Jelly Beans 1 oz F51-4546003-1200 - 1 oz. Super Hero packet of assorted sparkling jelly beans.
Jelly Belly® Disney Vile Villains Collection 1 oz F51-4546004-1200 - 1 oz. Disney Villains packet of assorted glittering jelly beans.
Jelly Belly® Camo Jelly Beans F51-4546005-1200 - 1 oz. bag Camo jelly beans.
Montana Mex Chile Salt Packet F01-0988202-1100 - 1 gram single use packet.
Montana Mex Sweet Salt Packet F01-0988201-1100 - 1.25 gram single use packet.
Montana Mex Picante Salt Packet F01-0988203-1100 - 0.75 gram single use packet.
Skittles® Original F51-4528001-1100 - 0.35 oz. package.
Haribo® Gold-Bears®  Mini Bags F51-4586901-1100 - Mini bag assorted flavors.