Oil & Vinegar

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Carrington Farms® Coconut Oil Pak F01-0864801-1200-0.5 fl oz. pack of pure, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. USDA organic.
CF Sauer Canola & Olive Oil Blend Packet F01-0878601-1100 - 9 g individual packet
CF Sauer Red Wine Vinegar Packet F01-0878602-1100 - 9 g individual packet
Malt Vinegar F01-0808001-1200 - 12 gram malt vinegar in individual size packet.
Marconi 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (bottle) F01-0851201-8200 - 1.75 fl oz extra virgin olive oil in plastic bottle. A convenient travel size for on the go. Contains high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italy, Greece & Spain.
Marconi Garlic Oil (bottle) F01-0851205-8000 - F01-0851201-8200
Marconi Organic Balsamic Vinegar - packet F01-0851201-1100 - 1/2 oz Organic Balsamic Vinegar in individual size packet.
Marconi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - packet F01-0851202-1100 - 1/2 oz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in individual size packet.
Table Vinegar F01-0808002-1100 - 9 gram vinegar in individual size packet.
Terroirs D'antan Oil flavored (with) Black Truffles F01-0865801-8200 - 1.7 oz olive oil flavored with black truffles in glass bottle, individual size. Product of France.