Organic & Natural Food

Product Details Qty.  
Popchips Original Potato F40-4368501-8300
Popchips® Tangy Barbeque Ridges, F40-4368509-8300
Prize California Seedless Natural Raisins .5 oz F30-3087601-4000-0.5 oz. travel size snack box.
Second Nature® California Almonds F30-3287202-4300-2.20 oz. package of gently roasted and salted whole almonds. No preservatives. Nothing artificial.
Second Nature® Premium Duet F30-3287203-4300-2.0 oz. package of whole cashews and almonds. Carefully selected, gently roasted and salted.
Second Nature® Premium Duet - Special Price, F30-3287203-4300CL
Second Nature® Simplicity Medley F30-3287204-4300-2.25 oz. package of Naturally Sodium-free, raw nuts, dried fruits and sunflower kernels. All-Natural. Gluten-Free.
Second Nature® Simplicity Medley - Special Price, F30-3287204-4300CL
Second Nature® Wholesome Medley F30-3287205-4300-2.25 oz. package of sweet & savory, with gently roasted nuts, dried fruits and dark chocolate.
Sensible Portions Cinnamon Apple Straws F40-4784309-8200
Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips - Sea Salt F40-4784326-8200 - 1 oz sealed bag.
Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws - Sea Salt F40-4784306-8200 - 1 oz sealed bag.
Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws - Zesty Ranch F40-4784307-8200 - 1 oz sealed bag.
Sir Kensington's Classic Ketchup F01-0185800-3100-1.8 oz glass jar Classic Ketchup.
Sir Kensington's Dijon Mustard F01-0285803-3100-1.8 oz glass jar All-Natural Dijon Mustard. Non-GMO. Made in the USA.
Smucker's® Natural Concord Grape Jam F04-0004964-2100-0.5 oz. cup of natural jam. Grade A Fancy.
Smuckers® Natural Honey F01-0504900-2100-0.5 oz. cup of honey. Grade A Fancy.
Smuckers® Natural Orange Marmalade F04-0004963-2100-0.5 oz. cup of jam. Grade A Fancy.
Smucker's® Natural Red Raspberry Jam F04-0004961-2100-0.5 oz cup of jam. Grade A Fancy.
Smucker's® Natural Strawberry Jam F04-0004962-2100
Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® Original Deli Style F40-4587801-8200 - 1.5 oz. bag. Thin, crunchy pretzel crackers. All Natural. 0 g. Fat.
Stacy's Brand Pita Chips - Parmesan Garlic & Herb F40-4840403-8200 - 1.5 oz sealed bag.
Stacy's Brand Pita Chips - Simply Naked F40-4840401-8200 - 1.5 oz sealed bag.
Stash Blueberry Superfruit Herbal Tea F20-1823706-0000
Stash Chai Honey Sticks - box of 20 F08-0323704-9320 - 3 oz. box of 20 individual sticks sealed in a plastic straw. A convenient travel size for on the go. Natural clover honey.