Shaving Needs

Selections of travel sized shaving cream, travel sized razors, and travel sized aftershave.

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Gillette Series Shaving gel C04-0118003-8200 - 2.5 oz travel size shaving gel in aerosol can. Sensitive skin formula.
Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream for Women - Raspberry Mist C04-0155901-8100 - 2.25 oz travel size moisturizing shave cream in aerosol can. With Aloe.
Skintimate Shave Gel - Raspberry Rain C04-0156101-8100 - 2.75 travel size signature scents moisturizing shave gel in aerosol can.
Clubman Styptic Pencil C04-0346501-9100 - 0.33 oz travel size styptic pencil in plastic case. Ideal for razor nicks & minor cuts. Stops bleeding fast. Sting free.
Generic Twin Blade Razor (not bagged) C04-0259901-8100 - 1 travel size twin blade disposable razor for shaving. Protective cap over razor.
Edge Progel Advanced Sensitive Skin with Aloe C04-0118201-8100 - 2.75 oz travel size shaving gel in aerosol can. Sensitive skin formula.
Bic Twin Blade Razor C04-0232001-8100 - 1 travel size disposable razor for shaving. Individually cellophane wrapped.
Barbasol Shaving Cream C04-0118100-8100 - 2.25 oz travel size shaving cream in aerosol can.
Freshscent Shave Cream (aerosol) C04-0123401-8000 -  BC4-0176001-8400
Freshscent Shave Cream (packet) C04-0123401-1100 - 0.25 oz travel size shave cream in individually sealed packet.
Gillette Foamy Regular Shaving Cream C04-0118000-8100 - 2 oz travel size foamy regular shaving cream in aerosol can.