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Tazo Green Ginger Green Tea F20-1708504-0000 - Single tea bag in sealed packet. Natural. A dazzling blend with sweet, spicy ginger and a touch of pear.
General Mills® Rice Chex® (bowl) F25-2509224-5100
General Mills® Golden Grahams Cereal(bowl) F25-2509215-5100
Quaker® Chewy® Granola Bar Low Fat S'mores F30-4009305-8100
Kelloggs Fiber Plus Antioxidants Chewy Bar Chocolate Chip F30-4009103-8100
Twinings of London Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea F20-1626911-0000 - Single tea bag in sealed packet.
Twinings of London Prince of Wales Tea F20-1626904-0000 - Single tea bag in sealed packet. This blend is light in color and has a smooth and mild taste, with a well-rounded character.
Nutella & Go! F06-0342902-8100-1.8 oz Nutella® & Go in individually sealed plastic container.
Boudreauxs Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment tube P02-0246101-8200 - 1 oz travel size diaper rash ointment in plastic tube. Pediatrician recommended. Zinc oxide.
Smucker's Seedless Boysenberry Preserves F04-0004927-0100 - 0.5 oz cup
Chex Mix® Muddy Buddies® - Peanut Butter Chocolate F40-4229207-8200-1.75 oz bag. 50% less fat than regular potato chips.
Land O Lakes Cappuccino Classics Amaretto Italia Sticks F20-1306202-8200 - .63 oz single serving packet.
Polka Dog Bakery Sfizis - Lucky Duck Dog Treats QF9-4038905-8200-2 oz. dog treats in plastic container.
Polka Dog Bakery Sfizis - Chicken Little Recipe QF9-4038906-8200-2 oz. dog treats in plastic, reclosable container.
Bonies Chewable Dog Treat - Small QF9-4040602-8100-0.81 oz chewable dog treat.
Desenex Foot Powder C02-0655401-8300 - 1.5 oz travel size foot powder in plastic bottle. Cures most athlete's foot. Relieves itching and burning. Anti-fungal.
Land O Lakes Cappuccino Classics Suisse Mocha Sticks F20-1306204-8200 - .63 oz single serving packet
Land O Lakes Cappuccino Classics Cinnamon Sticks F20-1306205-8200 - .63 oz single serving packet.
Land O Lakes Cappuccino Classics White Chocolate Caramel Sticks F20-1306206-8200 - .63 oz single serving packet.
Justins Vanilla Almond Butter 1.15 oz F06-0158531-1200-1.15 oz packet of all-natural Vanilla Almond Butter.
Justins® Natural Classic Almond Butter (.5 oz) F06-0158516-1000-.5 oz single serving size packet. All-Natural. 80 Calories.
Justin's Natural Maple Almond Butter F06-0158513-1200 - 1.15 oz maple almond butter in individual size packet. All-natural. Gluten-free & dairy-free. Made without hydrogenated oils. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Justins® Natural Maple Almond Butter (.5oz) F06-0158513-1000
Astroglide Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer P02-0176301-8000 - 0.14 oz travel size single use packet. Water Based. Water Soluble.
Decleor Paris Spa Tonic Soap Bar BC2-0173901-8100