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Planters Peanut Bar Original F30-4009801-8100
Boulder Canyon Potato Chips - Totally Natural F40-4366401-8300 - 1 oz potato chips in sealed bag. Kettle cooked. All natural, gluten free.
Texas Pete® Sriracha Cha! F03-3303505-1100-1 individual size package of hot chile sauce.
Goya® Vanilla Wafers F32-3962402-8200
Deep Steep Sugar Scrub Grapefruit Bergamot C02-0770831-8100
Deep Steep Organic Body Wash Grapefruit Bergamot C02-0770806-8100
Deep Steep Moisturizing Body Polish - Tangerine-Melon C02-0770821-8100
Deep Steep Body Polish Rosemary Mint C02-0770822-8100
Deep Steep Body Polish Honeydew Spearmint C02-0770823-8100
TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo Aerosol C03-0120202-8200 - 2 oz aerosol can.
Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo C03-0150901-8200
Listerine Pocketpaks Cinnamon C01-0323305-1100 - 24 breath strips in plastic dispenser
LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Anti-Aging Face Cleanser C05-0216805-8100 - 1 travel size cleansing wipe in sealed packet.
Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste C01-0131702-8100 - 0.75 oz travel size tube
Every Man Jack Face Lotion post shave - Signature Mint C02-0377304-8200 - 1 fl oz in plastic tube.
Axe Shock Shower Gel C02-0722204-8200 - 1.69 fl oz plastic bottle. Glacial water + Deep Sea Mint + Menthol
Axe Dark Temptation Shower Gel C02-0722205-8200 - 1.69 fl oz plastic bottle
Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce Green F03-3704401-3100 - 1/8 fl oz tabasco pepper sauce (green) in glass bottle. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Nabisco® Lorna Doone® Shortbread Cookies F32-3909609-8300
Crest 3D White Radiant Mint- Boxed C01-0114109-4100 - 0.85 oz travel size toothpaste tube in box.
Bonne Maman® Honey Stick F01-0544401-1100-1/2 oz. individual stick of Honey.
Sanders Dark Chocolate Fruit & Snack Dip Cup F28-4038702-3400-A single 2 oz. dipping cup of Dark Chocolate. Kettle Cooked and Gluten Free.
Heinz Mayonnaise (Bottle) F01-0400100-3100 - 1.8 fl oz mayonnaise in glass bottle. A convenient travel size for on the go.
CF Sauer Canola & Olive Oil Blend Packet F01-0878601-1100 - 9 g individual packet
Mentos Sugarfree Chewing Gum Pure Fresh - Mint F50-4241502-8100