Individual servings you can use for lunch on the go.

Single serving sizes of peanut butter, tuna, beef jerky, and salmon can fit into your desk, purse, briefcase, locker, or lunchbox for lunch on-the-go. Whether your tastes range from the standard ramen noodles to the exotic pate or lobster spread, or something in between, you can be sure to find an individual size container below.
Product Details Qty.  
Bridgford Bacon Cheddar Pocket Sandwich F10-0539107-8200 - 3.1 oz Shelf Stable Bacon in Cheddar Type Flavored Bread Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich F10-0539104-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Honey BBQ Chicken Pocket Sandwich F10-0539105-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Honey BBQ Chicken Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Italian Style Pocket Sandwich F10-0539108-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Sandwich.
Bridgford Sweet & Sour Soy Pocket Sandwich F10-0539111-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Sweet & Sour Pocket Sandwich
Bridgford White Plain Bread F10-0539152-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Flat Bread.
Bridgford Whole Wheat Bread F10-0539153-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Bread.
Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Chicken Salad with crackers F10-0342501-9200 - 3.5 oz box containing 2.9 can chicken salad and crackers package.
Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Tuna Salad with crackers F10-0242501-9200 - 3.5 oz box  containing 2.9 can tuna salad and crackers package.
Chicken of the Sea® Chunk Light Tuna Cups F10-0256001-2100-Two 2.8 oz. cups of light tuna. 70 Calories per cup.
Chicken of the Sea Light Tuna in water - pouch F10-0256001-7100 - 2.5 oz sealed pouch. Premium wild caught.
Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon - 2.5 oz F10-0256004-7000 - premium wild-caught Alaskan pink salmon in sealed pouch. 97% Fat Free. High In Protein.
Chicken of the Sea Tuna Salad Cups F10-0256032-2100 - 2 - 2.8 oz tuna salad in sealed plastic cup. 80 calories per cup. Ready to eat. Wild caught. Dolphin safe.
Genova Tonno solid light tuna in olive oil F10-0256071-9200 - 3 oz in easy open can
Maruchan® Ramen Noodle Soup Beef Flavor 35% less sodium, F10-0128004-7100
Maruchan Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup F10-0128001-7100 - 3 oz travel size chicken flavor ramen noodle soup in plastic package. 2 servings per package. Cooks in 3 minutes.
Military Mini-Meal Care Package K01-0109902-9200
Military Snack Care Package K01-0109903-9300
Mrs. Miller's Homemade Peanut Butter Spread F06-0170301-3200 - 1.5 oz home made peanut butter spread in glass jar. A convenient travel size for on the go.
 Nissin® Top Ramen Chicken Flavor, F10-0130402-7100
Oberto Original Smoked Stick F30-3656504-8200 - 1 oz travel size smoked stick in sealed package.
Oberto Spicy Smoked Stick F30-3656505-8200 - 1 oz travel size spicy smoked stick in sealed package.
Peanut Butter & Co® Dark Chocolate Dreams Dipping Cup, F06-0139402-2300, 1.5 oz peanut butter dark chocolate dipping cup.
Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams Squeeze Pack (1.15 oz) F06-0139402-1200 - 1.15 oz squeeze packet.
Peanut Butter & Co® Smooth Operator Dipping Cup - 1.5 oz peanut butter dipping cup.