Quaker Oatmeal Cup - Real Medleys Apple Walnut

Product Code: F25-2609311-6200

  • Kosher OU

  • $2.75

2.64 oz single serve cup. Travel size hot oatmeal cereal in individual serving cup. Oatmeal plus sweet apples, tart cranberries, chopped walnuts, and multigrains.

Ingredients: Whole grain rolled oats, multi grain blend (whole grain rolled oats, rolled barley, whole grain rolled rye), dried sweetened apples, (apples, sugar), dried sweetened cranberries, (cranberries, sugar), walnuts coated with rosemary extract, brown sugar, dehydrated apples (apples, sugar, fructose, cinnamon, malic acid, sodium suitable for color retention), whole grain rolled wheat, salt, cinnamon, natural flavor. Contains wheat and walnut ingredients.