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There are numerous travel sized lotions to choose from. You can find the travel size lotion in a variety of formats from trial size bottles, individual use packets, and miniature tubes as well. And, believe it or not, the same is true for travel sized deodorant. It can come in stick, gel, or even an individual use packet. This travel sized category has a host of other items as well, including travel size body spray, travel sized facial mist, and even travel sized balms. You can narrow your search for the right travel sized items with some of the sub-categories listed as well.
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Nivea® Soft Moisturizing Crème C02-0356306-8000 - 0.84 oz. compact case size plastic container with screw on lid.  Soft.  Moisturizing crème.  Face/Body/Hands.
Ban Regular Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on C02-0253501-8300 - 1.5 oz travel size roll-on deodorant. Plastic bottle.
Badger Night - Night Balm V03-0270711-9100 - 0.75 oz skin balm in travel size tin. USDA Organic. A gentle sleep balm for kids.
Badger Sleep Balm - Lavender & Bergamot V03-0270701-9100 - 0.75 oz skin balm in travel size tin. USDA Organic.
Badger Sore Muscle Rub V03-0370701-9100 - 0.75 oz skin balm in travel size tin. USDA Organic.
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly P02-0122902-9200
Axe Body Spray - Dark Temptation C02-0222203-8100 - 1 oz. daily fragrance spray in aerosol can.
DawnMist Hand and Body Lotion C02-0317501-8200 - 2 fl oz hand and body lotion in travel size plastic bottle. Fragrance & dye free.
Fruit of the Earth Ultra Pure Vitamin E skin care oil C02-0340206-9100 - .5 oz in hard plastic bottle. Unscented. 100% Concentration for maximum healing power. Helps promote healing of scars, burns, blemishes. Soothes dry and cracked lips. Moisturizes tin
DawnMist Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant C02-0217502-8200 - 1.5 fl. oz. roll-on antiperspirant deodorant in travel size plastic applicator bottle. Clean fresh scent. Fights wetness & odor.
Badger Mind Balm- Cheerful V03-0270704-9200 - 1 oz tin.  USDA Organic.  Sweet orange & spearmint.
Badger® Aromatic Chest Rub P02-0170701-9100
Hawaiian Tropic® Tanning Lotion Sunscreen SPF4 P04-0128203-8300
Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen SPF30 P04-0128204-8300
LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Instant Body Soother V03-0216801-8300
Kinesys Performance Sunscreen SPF30 Fragrance Free P04-0140301-8100
Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone SPF30 Clear UltraMist P04-0127703-9200 - 1.8 oz spray mist in travel size aerosol can.
Cala Toenail Clipper S02-0444204-9000 - Clips nails neatly and safely.  Professional quality.
Brittanies Thyme Mindful Beauty Organic Citrus Facial Cleanser 1oz BC2-0161402-8100 - 1 oz facial cleanser in plastic bottle. Gluten Free. Made in the USA.
Brittanie's Thyme Organic Balancing Facial Toner BC2-0161403-8100-1 oz facial toner in plastic bottle. Organic Integrity.
DawnMist Anti-Bacterial Soap Bar #1 Individually Wrapped C02-0117501-8300 - #1 travel size bar soap.  Wrapped.  Gentle formula.  French milled.  Lightly scented.
DawnMist®Handwashing Soap - Antibacterial Deodorant #3, C02-0117501-8500
Freshscent Stick Deodorant .5oz C02-0214301-8100 - 0.5 oz travel size deodorant.
Freshscent Roll-On Deodorant 1.5oz C02-0214302-8200 - 1.5 oz travel size antiperspirant and deodorant. Alcohol free.
DawnMist Stick Deodorant C02-0217501-8100 - 0.5 oz stick deodorant in travel size plastic applicator with push-up bottom. Clean fresh scent. Helps prevent odor.