Nasal Care

Check out our travel size nasal, sinus, and allergy products.

Allergies can be annoying, and you can keep comfort nearby with travel size allergy and sinus relief. Individual sizes of over the counter allergy and sinus medicines, nasal sprays, mists, and wipes can help give a reprieve. And be sure to stockpile plenty of small packets of tissues – allergies or not, they always come in handy.
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Afrin Original Nasal Spray .5 oz P06-0163101-9100 - 12 hour maximum strength congestion relief
Ayr® Saline Nasal Gel with soothing Aloe P06-0127402-9100-0.5 oz. tube. Ayr® helps you breathe better®
Ayr Saline Nasal Mist P06-0127401-9100 - 1.69 fl oz travel size saline nasal mist in plastic spray bottle, in box. Moisturizes and soothes dry, stuffy noses.
Boogie Wipes® Original- Fresh Scent J01-0162001-1000 - 1 Gentle Saline Wipe for Little Noses. Wipe is in individually sealed travel size plastic packet.
Flight Spray® Nasal Hydration - boxed P06-0149601-9100
Generic Tissue- 15 count J01-0659902-8200
Kleenex® Facial Tissue Pocket Pack - J01-0602601-8100 - Travel size package of 10 tissues, 3-ply.
Pockette European Luxury Tissues Lavender J01-0686503-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Pockette® European Luxury Tissues Mint J01-0686502-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, travel sized white pocket tissues.
Pockette™ European Luxury Tissues Unscented J01-0686501-810010, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Star Wars™ Classic Facial Tissue Pocket Pack - J01-0655501-8100 - Travel size package of 10 tissues, 2-ply.