Our Favorite Picks of Unique Travel Sizes - Special Selections

We often get asked which of the travel sizes we carry are the most unique and interesting. We polled our staff and thought it might be fun to highlight some of our picks here!

Product Details Qty.  
Mini Roll Duct Tape (2 roll pack) J01-0730901-8200
The Original Pocket Farkel® Dice Game G01-0661601-2100
Partier's Survival Kit K01-0859905-6100
Boogie Wipes® Great Grape Scent J01-0162002-1000 - 1 Gentle Saline Wipe for Little Noses. Wipe is in individually sealed travel size plastic packet.
Dragonfly Organix Smokout J03-0149402-8200
Safetec Skin Care Lip Balm - Pomegranate Flavored P02-0125902-1000
Goddess Garden® UV Bracelet - Kids S01-1050311-9000
Lightload Towels J01-0857401-9100
Ink-eeze Tattoo Sunscreen packet P04-0170001-1100
Vineyard Collection Grapes Antioxidant Skin Moisturizer BC2-0374401-8300 - 3 fl oz travel size antioxidant skin moisturizer in a wine shaped plastic bottle.  Made with 100% California Wine Grapes.
aMINIties Travel Starch D01-0732501-8200 - 2 oz travel size premium spray starch for the discerning traveler in aerosol can. For clothing care on the go.
Avenger Organics Natural Bed Bug Killer J03-0351101-8300 - 3 oz plastic pump. Made from natural extracts. Safe for indoor/outdoor use. Pleasant aroma.
Cotton Buds Disney Cotton Rounds Tin J01-0555501-9100-5 cosmetic cotton rounds.
Cotton Buds® Disney Frozen Cotton Swab Tin J01-0509901-9100-Travel size reclosable tin of 30 cotton swabs. Various designs.
Death by Lavender All Natural Deodorant C02-0286802-8100-0.35 fl. oz. All Natural Deodorant. Organic. Vegan. Homemade.
Fitz Herz Pantiez Womens Disposable Underwear - Xlarge S02-0879503-9914
Poo Pourri® Original Citrus 4 mL J03-0162600-8000-4 mL. pump bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray. Conveninet size for inconvenient times!
Travel Paper Soap C02-0172511-9100-a single travel packet of 20 biodegradable paper soap sheets.
Travalo Excel Red C11-0081702-8400
Arizona Peppers Organic Harvest Chipotle Habanero Sauce F03-3772829-3100 - 3/4 oz plastic bottle.
Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Jalapeno F40-4148402-8200
Terroirs D'antan Oil flavored (with) Black Truffles F01-0865801-8200 - 1.7 oz olive oil flavored with black truffles in glass bottle, individual size. Product of France.
Jelly Belly® Soda Pop Shoppe Jelly Beans F51-4546045-8200-1.5 oz. mini soda bottle of jelly beans. Various flavors.
Tic Tac® Mixers Cherry Cola F51-4323203-8200-1 oz. serving size.
The Grandpa Soap Co. Witch Hazel Tone Bar Soap C02-0168111-8200 - 1.35 oz. individually wrapped all natural bar soap.