Baby & Toddler Care Kits

Baby and Toddler Care Kits: Great for traveling, new parents, and for baby shower gifts.

Need a unique and practical gift that every new parent will appreciate? Check out the Diaper Bag Starter Kit. Want to make life easier with a family that's always on the go? Try the Traveling with Toddlers kit, the Toddler Travel kit, and the Baby Care on the Go kit. Looking to help out a mom-to-be or dad-to-be? They will love a Mommy's Hospital Overnight Bag and Daddy's Hospital Overnight Bag. We also carry kits and gifts filled with travel size hand sanitizers, travel size kid friendly sunblock and sunscreen, and travel packs of diapers in several sizes.

Be sure to check out all our travel and trial size Baby Products.

Product Details Qty.  
Huggies® Diaper Kit - Size 3 J10-0444103-8300
Huggies® Diaper Kit - Size 4 J10-0444103-8400
Huggies® Snug & Dry Diapers - Size 3 (3 pack), J10-0444113-8300
Fun in the Sun K01-0359902-2100
Baby's Visitors Hand Sanitizer Sampler K01-0459902-2100 - Protect your baby from unwanted germs.
Mom-To-Be Deluxe K01-0459909-2300 - All natural and therapeutic personal care for the health and well-being of the body, mind, and soul.
Mommy's Hospital Overnight Bag K01-0459912-5300
Daddy's Hospital Overnight Bag K01-0459913-5200 - Everything that a new daddy needs for his stay at the hospital with mom.
Daddy's Hospital Overnight Bag Deluxe K01-0459914-5200 - Everything a new daddy needs for his stay at the hospital with mom packed inside a convenient men's toiletry bag.
Pampers® Cruisers Changing Kit - Size 4 K01-0539705-1404
Pampers® Cruisers Changing Kit - Size 5 K01-0539705-1405
Pampers®  2 ct. Changing Kit - Size 4 Copy K01-0539705-1424-COPY
Pampers 2 ct. Changing Kit - Size 4 K01-0539705-1424
Pampers®  2 ct. Changing Kit - Size 5 K01-0539705-1425
Toddler Travel Kit K01-0559905-2400
Traveling with Toddlers K01-0559906-2400
Diaper Bag Starter Kit K01-0559907-2400
Baby Care On The Go K01-0559915-2400 - Keep your baby care essentials right at your fingertips.