Baby & Toddler Oral Care

The place for travel sizes of kid friendly toothpastes and mouthwashes, and child size travel toothbrushes

Children often like their own flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash. Pack travel sizes of their favorite dental care products to maintain healthy habits when traveling. Travel size toothpastes are also the perfect size for little hands to hold for when they want to do it themselves!

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Product Details Qty.  
Crest Kids Toothpaste - Sparkle Fun (unboxed) C01-0114111-4100 - 0.85 oz travel size toothpaste tube. Sparkle fun Kids toothpaste. Fluoride anticavity toothpaste.
Freshmint® kids - Fluoride Free Toothpaste - Bubble Gum Flavor C01-0114308-8100-0.85 oz. tube of Fluoride Free, Bubble Gum Flavor, Toothpaste for Kids.
OraLine Kids Toothpaste (Unboxed) C01-0128401-8100 - 0.85 oz travel size toothpaste tube. For kids. Bubble Gum Flavor.
Redmond Earthpaste Tube  0.75 oz - Peppermint C01-0177106-8100
Act Anticavity Flouride Rinse Kids (mouthwash) - 1 oz (pink) C01-0248805-8100 - travel size mouthwash in plastic bottle. Alcohol free. Bubble Gum Blow Out flavor.
Freshmint® Pediatric Toothbrush C01-0414301-0000-1 pediatric toothbrush. Individually wrapped. Made with soft nylon bristles.
Oraline Kid's Toothbrush C01-0428401-0000 - 1 travel size toothbrush in cellophane wrapper. Assorted colors.
Oraline Kids Bubble Gum Dental Floss C01-0528403-9000 - 12 yards of waxed floss in travel size plastic dispenser.