Bathroom Supplies

When trekking, keep clean with travel size bathroom supplies

Restrooms on the road may not always be up to standards. So when you need to go when you're on the go, have on hand travel size bathroom supplies. Pack travel size packs of toilet seat covers, mini rolls of toilet paper, and deodorizing toilet spray. We also recommend to keep a travel size hand sanitizer for added protection.
Product Details Qty.  
Stall Mates® Wipe - 30 pack C08-0537201-1300
Pampers® Sensitive Baby Wipes, J01-0139701-8300, Travel size resealable pack of 18 wipes. Sensitive.
Charmin To Go Toilet Seat Covers J01-0223101-8200 - 5 seat covers in travel size plastic purse pack. Quick, easy and safe protection when away from home.
Tush Wipes® Flushable Moist Wipes J01-0247001-1200
PureTouch® Tush Wipes® Organics J01-0247804-1200 - 1 flushable wipe in individually sealed package. Natural Ingredients. Paraben free. With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, C, A.
PureTouch® Tush Wipes® Medicated J01-0247805-1200
Cotton Buds Toilet Tissue To Go J01-0255502-8200 75 sheet 2-Ply roll in travel size plastic pull-out dispenser.
Kleenex® Facial Tissue Pocket Pack - J01-0602601-8100 - Travel size package of 10 tissues, 3-ply.
Generic Tissue- 15 count J01-0659902-8200
Puffs Plus Lotion Tissue Pack J01-0668403-8200 - Travel size package of 10 tissues plus lotion, 2-ply.
Pockette™ European Luxury Tissues Unscented J01-0686501-810010, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Pockette® European Luxury Tissues Mint J01-0686502-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, travel sized white pocket tissues.
Pockette European Luxury Tissues Lavender J01-0686503-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Wipessentials™ Baby Wipes 12 count, J03-0116801-8200
Huggies® Natural Care Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin, J03-0144109-8300,
Poo-Pourri® Original Citrus 10 mL J03-0162600-8010
Poo-Pourri® Original 2 fl. oz. J03-0162601-8200-2 fl. oz. pump bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray that makes the odor go away!
 Poo-Pourri® Royal Flush® 10 mL J03-0162602-8010
Poo-Pourri Royal Flush® Odor Eliminator J03-0162602-8200
Poo-Pourri® Deja-Poo® 2 fl. oz. J03-0162611-8200-2 fl. oz. pump bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray. You've been here before but now with a scent you adore.
Poo-Pourri® Lavender Vanilla 10 mL J03-0162618-8010
Poo-Pourri Lavender Vanilla 2 oz bottle J03-0162618-8200-2 Fl. Oz. pump bottle of Before-You-Go toilet spray.
Poo-Pourri® Vanilla Mint 10 mL J03-0162619-8010
Poo-Pourri® Vanilla Mint 2 oz, J03-0162619-8200, 2 fl oz pump spray bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray that makes the odor go away!
Poo-Pourri® Tropical Hibiscus 10 mL J03-0162620-8010