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There are numerous travel sized lotions to choose from. You can find the travel size lotion in a variety of formats from trial size bottles, individual use packets, and miniature tubes as well. And, believe it or not, the same is true for travel sized deodorant. It can come in stick, gel, or even an individual use packet. This travel sized category has a host of other items as well, including travel size body spray, travel sized facial mist, and even travel sized balms. You can narrow your search for the right travel sized items with some of the sub-categories listed as well.
Product Details Qty.  
Cala Toenail Clipper S02-0444204-9000 - Clips nails neatly and safely.  Professional quality.
Careall Petroleum Jelly Tube 1 oz, , P02-0183702-8200
Caress® Evenly Gorgeous® Exfoliating Body Wash C02-0722807-8300-3 fl oz. of Body Wash.
Crystal Stick Body Deodorant C02-0251601-8200 - 1.5 oz travel size deodorant. Stick with screw-on cylindrical plastic cover. Natural, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free.
Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes C02-0251602-8100 - 1 body deodorant towelette in 0.1 oz packet. No aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, phthalates or fragrance. Biodegradable towelette.
Curel Daily Moisture Original Lotion C02-0353406-8200 - 1 oz lotion in travel size plastic tube. For dry skin. Time-released formula for all-day relief.
DawnMist Anti-Bacterial Soap Bar #1 Individually Wrapped C02-0117501-8300 - #1 travel size bar soap.  Wrapped.  Gentle formula.  French milled.  Lightly scented.
DawnMist Antiperspirant Deodorant spray pump C02-0217505-8200 - 2 fl oz antiperspirant deodorant spray pump bottle.  Clean fresh scent.  Fights wetness and odor.
DawnMist Baby Lotion C02-0517502-3200 - 2 fl oz baby lotion in travel size plastic bottle. Baby fresh scent.
DawnMist Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant Packet C02-0217502-1100 - 0.1 fl oz packet
DawnMist Hand and Body Lotion C02-0317501-8200 - 2 fl oz hand and body lotion in travel size plastic bottle. Fragrance & dye free.
DawnMist hand and body lotion packet C02-0317501-1100 - 0.35 fl oz packet
DawnMist Pure Corn Starch Baby Powder C02-0417501-8200 - 1.5 oz baby powder in travel size plastic shaker bottle. Talc-free. With aloe and vitamin E. Hypo-allergenic.
DawnMist Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant- white bottle C02-0217503-8200 - 1.5 fl oz roll-on antiperspirant deodorant in travel size plastic applicator bottle. Clean fresh scent.
DawnMist Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant C02-0217502-8200 - 1.5 fl. oz. roll-on antiperspirant deodorant in travel size plastic applicator bottle. Clean fresh scent. Fights wetness & odor.
DawnMist Stick Deodorant C02-0217501-8100 - 0.5 oz stick deodorant in travel size plastic applicator with push-up bottom. Clean fresh scent. Helps prevent odor.
DawnMist®Handwashing Soap - Antibacterial Deodorant #3, C02-0117501-8500
Degree® Dry Protection - Sheer Powder 1.6 oz, C02-0219102-8300
Degree for Women Antiperspirant & Deodorant - Shower Clean C02-0219102-8100 - 0.5 oz travel size deodorant.
Degree for Men Antiperspirant & Deodorant - Cool Rush C02-0219104-8100 - 0.5 oz travel size deodorant.
Degree® Men Dry Protection Extreme Blast® Anti-Perspirant 1.7 oz, C02-0219124-8300
Desenex Foot Powder C02-0655401-8300 - 1.5 oz travel size foot powder in plastic bottle. Cures most athlete's foot. Relieves itching and burning. Anti-fungal.
EO® Hand Sanitizer - Peppermint 2 fl. oz. C02-0351512-8200-2 fl. oz. pump spray bottle. 99% effective against most common germs. USDA organic.
erbaorganics Baby Lotion C02-0578301-8200 - 1 oz baby lotion in pump plastic bottle. Mild and gentle to moisturize delicate skin with soothing organic shea butter, lavender and chamomile. Made with 85% certified organic ingredients.
Eucerin® Advanced Repair Foot Crème 3 oz, C02-0659701-8300