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There are numerous travel sized lotions to choose from. You can find the travel size lotion in a variety of formats from trial size bottles, individual use packets, and miniature tubes as well. And, believe it or not, the same is true for travel sized deodorant. It can come in stick, gel, or even an individual use packet. This travel sized category has a host of other items as well, including travel size body spray, travel sized facial mist, and even travel sized balms. You can narrow your search for the right travel sized items with some of the sub-categories listed as well.
Product Details Qty.  
Ink-eeze Tattoo Healing Spray 2 oz C02-0370002-8200
Ink-eeze Tattoo Daily Moisturizer packet C02-0370004-1000 - 0.17 oz (5 ml) packet
Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry-skin Moisturizer C02-0321503-8200 - 1 oz travel size lotion in plastic tube. Nourishes and Heals. Repairs for visibly healthier skin. With an illuminating Hydralucence blend and Vitamins C, E & B5.
Johnsons®  Baby Lotion 3 oz, C02-0520401-8300
Johnsons Baby Lotion C02-0520401-8200 - 1 fl oz travel size baby lotion in plastic bottle. #1 choice of hospitals. Clinically proven mildness.
Johnsons Baby Powder C02-0420401-8200-1.5 oz travel size baby powder in plastic bottle. Leaves skin feeling delicately soft and dry while providing soothing relief.
Johnsons Baby Powder Soothing Aloe & Vitamin E C02-0420402-8200 - 1.5 oz travel size baby powder in plastic bottle.
LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Instant Body Soother V03-0216801-8300
LA Fresh Travel Lite™ Unisex Antiperspirant Wipe C02-0216800-1000 - 1 unisex antiperspirant wipe in sealed travel size packet.
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion (1 oz) - Fragrance Free C02-0320900-8200
Lubriderm® Daily Moisture Lotion™ Fragrance Free (3 fl oz), C02-0320900-8300
Mane 'n Tail Hoofmaker Hand & Nail Therapy C02-0352201-8200 - 2 fl oz travel size hand and nail therapy in plastic bottle. Intensive protein enriched moisturizer.
Mitchum Anti-perspirant Deodorant C02-0250101-8100 - 0.7 oz travel size deodorant. Unscented. Clear gel.
Mothers Day Gift Basket, K01-1159920-1300
Natural Patches of Vermont Muscle & Nerve Comfort Formula Mint V03-0365100-1400-1 Easy-To-Apply Essential Oil Patch.
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream C02-0322001-8000 - 0.5 oz travel size hand lotion in plastic tube.
Nivea Cream Tube C02-0356301-8200 - 2 oz travel size hand and body lotion in plastic tube. Protects, hydrates and nourishes.
Nivea crème 1 oz tin C02-0356301-9100 - 1 oz skin moisturizer crème in tin.
Nivea Men Crème C02-0356305-9100 - 1 oz. tin of face, body, and hand crème for men.
Nivea® Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm, C04-0456303-8300
Nivea® Soft Moisturizing Crème C02-0356306-8000 - 0.84 oz. compact case size plastic container with screw on lid.  Soft.  Moisturizing crème.  Face/Body/Hands.
Olay® Quench Body Lotion Ultra Moisture C02-0368202-8200
Old Spice High Endurance Anti-perspirant/Deodorant C02-0221701-8100 - 0.5 oz travel size deodorant. Invisible solid.
Old Spice Swagger Anti-perspirant & Deodorant C02-0221704-8100 - 0.5 oz stick deodorant, a convenient travel size for on the go.
Palladio Rice Paper Tissues - Natural C05-0366001-8400 - 40 tissues in reclosable packet