Boutique Kits & Gifts

A little bit of luxury makes travel so much easier. Luxurious gift sets and packages featuring products found in The Minimus Boutique™. Visit the Boutique to find Luxury You Can Take With You.

Product Details Qty.  
Metro Man On the Go Gift Set K01-0159916-5200
Tools for the Agent of Style K01-0459915-6200
International Playboy Kit K01-0459916-6200
Day of Relaxation Gift Set K01-0459920-3100
At Home Spa & Facial Gift Set K01-0459921-3300 - 9 boutique personal care products in an eco-friendly flower seeded paper box. Plant the box and it grows flowers!
Eau de Parfum #1 K01-0459941-6300
Eau de Parfum #2 K01-0459942-6300
Eau de Parfum #3 K01-0459943-6300
Eau de Toilette Pour Homme #2 K01-0459952-6200
Cologne Pour Homme #1 K01-0459955-6200 - 3 travel size colognes in a plastic container
Cologne Pour Homme #2 K01-0459956-6200 - 3 travel size colognes in a plastic container
Eau de Toilette Pour Homme Sprays K01-0459958-6200
Natural Patches Aromatherapy Patch Sampler, K01-0489911-5100
Moist Cotton Towel Sampler, K01-0489921-2100
House Warming Welcome Gift K01-0759907-1100