Camp & Outdoor Kits

Looking for 20 or more kits for your outdoor group or campers? We offer custom kit creation services for bulk orders with a low minimum purchase of only 20 kits and $250. Visit our Special Services page for more information.

Product Details Qty.  
Beach Weekender Kit K01-0180601-5100 - AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW AND LUCKY MAGAZINE: Kit filled with 15 products (Total of 23 items).
Fun in the Sun K01-0359902-2100
Outdoor Gamer Survival Kit K01-0359904-2100 - Perfect for the outdoor gamer on the go.
Summer Camp Kit K01-0359905-2100
Emergency Food Kit - 2 Days, K01-0359907-5100
Festival Survival Kit K01-0359908-2100
Take Me Out To The Ball Game Snack Pack, K01-0359909-9000
Glamping Accessories Kit K01-0359911-2300
Glamping Snacks Kit K01-0359913-2100
Entertainment Eats Snack Pack for 2, K01-0359925-1520
Adventurer Medical Kit K01-0489908-9000 - Campers, backpackers, boaters, RVers, and outdoor adventurers know, having a good supply of small lightweight essentials is a must.
School Emergency Kit K01-0489951-2100 - Ensure your children have the necessities they need in case of an emergency during the school day.
Covfefe Kit K01-1059959-9100
Winter Fun Accessories K01-1159902-5500