Newbury Park, CA (June 5, 2007) – Campers love the convenience and portability that travel and individual sizes have to offer.  Paul Shrater, Co-Founder of, world leader in all things travel-sized and individual-sized, has compiled a list of the most popular items that customers are purchasing going into this camping season. 

“Since our launch in ‘04, we have had a HUGE following amongst campers and backpackers.  We’ve been surprised by some of the items they’re gravitating to,” says Shrater.

The Top Ten List:

  1. Bug Button – An innovative pin-on insect repellent button that protects against insect bites.
  2. Deep Woods OFF! ® Insect repellent – All the protection you expect, except it’s travel-sized.
  3. Sunlight® Dishwashing Liquid – One of the only name-brand dish-washing soaps available in travel-size.
  4. Gearaid Mini Roll Duct Tape (2 roll pack) – Forget about that hole in the tent from last year? 
  5. IvyX Post-contact Cleanser Towelette – Poison ivy can make a family vacation a nightmare.  Individually packaged wipes to cleanse skin after contact with poison ivy, oak, or sumac.
  6. Safetec Cut & Scrape Cleaner wipe – Better safe than sorry.
  7. Marconi® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil packets – Put a little pizzazz into your food with convenient individual-sized packets of olive oil and other name-brand condiment packets.  Even NASA has even purchased condiments from to spice up their space missions.
  8. Kiss My Face® Whenever Shampoo and other Kiss My Face® products – Do yourself and the environment a favor and “go green” with these environmentally-friendly biodegradable toiletries.
  9. Lightload Towels – These amazingly compressed 12” x 24” towels are a great way to save space and are biodegradable, multipurpose, and super absorbent.
  10. Banana Boat® Sport Sunblock SPF30 (tube) – Tired of lugging your giant tube of sunscreen around?

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Snaplight® Safety Lightstick - Green – A must for your emergency kit and an unexpected surprise for late night fun.
  2. Tender's After Burn - Relief for sunburn, windburn, chapped skin, minor burns, other skin irritations in a handy packet and a great add-on to any First Aid kit.

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