Charity Packing Party Kits

Packing Party Kits

Putting together people who would like to help with those who need it.

Welcome to our packing party aisle at Do you have a group or organization that would like to pack kits for charity?

At Minimus we have food and toiletry packing kits that include all of the products and bags you need to create a number of kits to donate to your local shelter.

Check out the different sizes available below.

Product Details Qty.  
Toiletry Kit Packing Party - Small Set K01-0489971-9010 - Bulk quantity of 6 travel size products with a drawstring plastic bag  to support a "packing party."
Toiletry Kit Packing Party Set
Food Kit Packing Party - 100 kits - Small Set K03-1059971-9010-Makes 100 kits, bulk products including clear plastic bag with drawstrings.
Food Kit Packing Party I - 300 kits - Large K03-1059972-9011-Makes 300 kits. Bulk products including clear plastic bag with drawstring to support a "Packing Party".
Food Kit Packing Party II - 300 Kits - Large Set K03-1059973-9011-Makes 300 kits, Bulk Products including clear plastic bag with drawstring.