Product Details Qty.  
Annie's® Bunny Grahams® Friends F32-3976801-8200-1.25 oz. bag of honey, chocolate & chocolate chip bunny grahams.
Annie's® Bunny Grahams® Honey F32-3976800-8200-1.25 oz. bag of honey flavored bunny grahams.
Appleways® Apple Simply Wholesome Oatmeal Bar F32-3937402-8200-1.2 oz. apple flavored oatmeal bar.
Appleways® Blueberry Lemon Crispy Bites F32-3937400-8100 - 1 oz. individually sealed package.
Appleways® Chocolate Simply Wholesome Oatmeal Bar F32-3937403-8200-1.2 oz. soft baked chocolate oatmeal bar.
Appleways® Simply Wholesome Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie F32-3937401-8200 - 1.4 oz. individually sealed package.
Appleways® Simply Wholesome Vanilla Wafers, F32-3937411-8100
Betty Crocker Butterscotch Oatmeal Bar F32-3939004-8200 - 1.24 oz travel size butterscotch oatmeal bar in individually sealed package.
Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bar F32-3939003-8200 - 1.24 oz travel size chocolate chip oatmeal bar in individually sealed package.
Betty Lou's® Probiotic Bites Apple Cinnamon, V01-0332705-8100
Betty Lou's® Probiotic Bites Dark Chocolate, V01-0332702-8100
Betty Lous® Probiotic Bites Maple Oatmeal, V01-0332704-8100
Chocolate Snacks K01-0359921-1520 - 19 Chocolate Snacks, in clear drawcord bag.
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks  Food & Nutrition, F32-3935602-8100
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks English & Spanish, F32-3935606-8100
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks Fun & Fitness, F32-3935603-8100
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks Presidents, F32-3935605-8100
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks States & Capitals, F32-3935604-8100
Dolcetto Petites® Chocolate Wafer Bites F32-4069204-8200-0.7 oz snack bag.
Dolcetto Petites® Cookies & Cream Wafer Bites F32-4069206-8200-0.7 oz. snack bag.
Dolcetto Petites® Lemon Wafer Bites F32-4069205-8200-0.7 oz. snack bag.
Keebler Famous Amos® Chocolate Chip Bite Size Cookies F32-3965608-8200
J&M Key Lime [mini] Cookies F32-4068801-8200
Keebler Mini Sandies Shortbread Cookies F32-3965605-8200 - 1 oz package.
Keebler® Bug Bites Cinnamon Graham F32-3965604-8200