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Product Details Qty.  
Natural Patches Aromatherapy Patch Sampler, K01-0489911-5100
Moist Cotton Towel Sampler, K01-0489921-2100
Jelly Belly Sport Bean Sampler, K01-2059902-5100
Simply Sugar Free Sampler K01-2059904-1100 - 21 different travel size products (34 total) in a slider zippered polybag
Walden Farms® Sugar Free Salad Dressing Sampler, K01-2059905-3100
Fat Free Salad Dressing Sampler K01-2059905-5100
Fat Free Salad Dressing Sampler Deluxe K01-2059906-5100
Walden Farms® Sampler, K01-2059907-5103
Tea Sampler K01-2059909-5100
Tea Sampler Deluxe K01-2059910-5100
Taste of Asia Sampler, K01-2059911-3100
Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Sampler Pack, K01-2059928-2100
Gluten Free Snack Sampler K01-2059931-2100 - Kit contains 17 different products (36 total) in a plastic drawstring bag.
Gluten Free Snack Sampler - Kids K01-2059932-2500 - Kit contains 14 different products (23 total) in a plastic drawstring bag.