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Travel in comfort with Do Good brand travel accessories

Make trips more comfy and cozy with Do Good brand travel accessories. Browse for essentials such as travel neck pillows, travel lumbar pillows, travel socks or booties, and sleep masks. Use audio adapters to plug into your plane's audio jacks. If your kids or travel companions all want to listen to the same movie, mulit-headphone adapters are a must. We also carry Do Good brand in-flight travel kits and kid's travel kits with travel accessories to make flights more pleasant for travelers of all ages.
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Do Good - Inflatable Neck Pillow - Pink/Light pink ribbon T03-0371001-9005
Do Good - Reflexology Socks - Brown T03-0271001-9002
Do Good - Sleeping Mask - Pink/Light Pink Trim T03-0171001-9005
Do Good Airline Headphone Multi Adapter T03-0571002-9000
Do Good Flight Essentials - Pink T03-0671001-9005
Do Good In Flight Audio Set T03-0571011-9000
Do Good JetSet In-flight Travel Kit - Brown/Gold Trim T03-0871001-9002
Do Good Junior JetSet Travel Backpack - Blue/Green Trim T03-0771002-9036