Electrical Travel Aids

Check out our selection of electronic travel aids and travel accessories

Be prepared on your next trip with electronic travel aids and travel accessories. We have the electronic travel aids and travel accessories to make your trip run smoothly, with items such as an international travel power adapter, AA batteries and AAA batteries, small travel flashlight, and headphone adapters. Avoid overweight luggage charges – use our travel luggage scale to make sure your bags stay within your airline's weight limits.
Product Details Qty.  
Safetec Device Wipe J01-0325903-1000
Cotton Buds- Disney Screen Cleaner Tin J01-0355501-9100-Microfiber screen cleaning cloth in collectible Disney Character tin.
Kodak MAX Alkaline Battery AAA (2pk) S01-0631001-9000
Kodak MAX Alkaline Battery AA (2 pack) S01-0631002-9000
Rayovac® High Energy Battery AA - 2 Pack S01-0650208-9000
Rayovac® High Energy Battery AAA - 2 Pack S01-0650209-9000
Steadfast 3 Pc Heavy Duty AAA Batteries S01-0672501-9000
Electronic Luggage Scale T02-0272501-9000-A single Electronic Luggage Scale. 88 Lb Capacity.
Do Good In Flight Audio Set T03-0571011-9000
Global Power Adapter T03-0577202-9001 - A universal adapter.
Global Power Adapter- Special Price, T03-0577202-9001CL