Feminine Hygiene

A large variety of travel size feminine hygiene products.

You never want to be caught without feminine hygiene products when you need them. Our convenient, travel sizes of maxi pads, tampons, feminine wipes, and carrying cases fit perfectly in your purse, desk, or locker.
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LA Fresh® You Need Me - Personal Hygiene Wipe C02-0216807-1000
SweetSpot Labs on-the-go wipettes - unscented C02-0252100-1000 - 1 feminine cleansing wipe in travel size individually sealed packet. Alcohol-free. Biodegradable.
SweetSpot Labs on-the-go wipettes- citrus galbanum C02-0252103-1000 - 1 feminine cleansing wipette in travel size individually sealed packet. Alcohol-free. Biodegradable.
SweetSpot Labs® on-the-go wipettes- Vanilla Blossom, C02-0252104-1000
SweetSpot Labs® on-the-go wipettes- Grapefruit Verbena, C02-0252105-1000
SweetSpot Labs® on-the-go wipettes- Neroli Mandarin, C02-0252106-1000
Tampax Regular Tampons (single) C08-0128401-4100 - 1 tampon in individually sealed package, inside travel size cardboard tube for shipping.
Tampax Regular Tampons C08-0128401-4300 - 10 tampons in a travel size box. Regular absorbency with unique LeakGuard Skirt. Cardboard applicator.
Tampax® Pearl Regular Unscented 8 count, C08-0128424-4300
Tampax® Pearl Super Unscented 8 count, C08-0128425-4300
Playtex Deodorant Gentle Glide Tampon Super C08-0133301-4300 - Box of 8 individually wrapped tampons in a travel size box. Plastic applicator. Super absorbency. Fresh scent
O.B.® Pro Comfort (40 count) C08-0162102-8200-40 silktouch, regular absorbency tampons in a single package.
U By Kotex Travel Pack Tampons & Liners C08-0179201-8200 - 6 piece travel pack containing 4  tampons and 2  liners.
Always Ultra Thin Pads C08-0228601-8300 - 10 pack individually wrapped travel size feminine maxi-pads. Regular absorbency. Features LeakGuard Core and Flexi-wings.
Always® Maxi Regular Pads with Flexi-Wings™ - 10 pack, C08-0228602-8300
Maxithins Pad C08-0230801-4300 - 1 regular absorbency feminine maxi-pad in a travel size box. Packaging may vary.
Always® Fresh Dailies Thin Active Pantiliners - scented - 20 pack C08-0328601-8300-20 pack individually wrapped, travel size, scented pantiliners. Clean Scent. Regular absorbency.
Always® Dailies Thin Pantiliners - unscented - 20 pack C08-0328602-8300-20 pack individually wrapped travel size pantiliners.Thin and absorbent for everyday freshness. A fresh start all day, everyday.
Playtex® Sport® Liners - Regular (20 pack) C08-0333301-8300-20 pack, individually wrapped pantiliners with FlexFit.
Carefree® acti-fresh body shape pantiliner (20 pack) Copy C08-0380501-7000
Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Pantiliners Regular - Unscented - 20 Pack Copy C08-0380504-7000
Always® Wipes-To-Go C08-0528601-1200
Stall Mates® Wipe - 30 pack C08-0537201-1300
Pure Touch Feminine Wipes C08-0547801-1200 - 1 moist feminine wipe in individually sealed travel size packet. Flushable. With Aloe and Vitamin E.
PureTouch® Feminine Wipes Naturals C08-0547802-1200 - 1 flushable wipe in individually sealed travel size packet. Natural Ingredients. Paraben free. With Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, C, A.