Gluten Free Food

Only food products that have been labeled by the manufacturer as being Gluten Free are listed here in our Gluten Free Food shopping aisle. Though other products may also qualify as Gluten Free, they are not marked by the manufacturer.

To determine which of our products may be free of wheat, barley, rye and oats (WBRO), and for more specific information about such products, contact the Celiac Sprue Association at (toll free) 877-CSA-4-CSA (877-272-4272), e-mail to or write to CSA /USA, Inc.; PO Box 31700; Omaha, NE 68131-0700. CSA's website provides information on Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis and can be accessed at

Product Details Qty.  
Jelly Belly® Thank You 1 oz F51-4546036-1200-1 oz. Thank You! packet of jelly beans.
Jelly Belly® The Original Gourmet Candy Corn® 1.45 oz. bag, F51-4546007-1200
Justin's Natural Classic Almond Butter F06-0158511-1200
Kari-Out Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce Gluten Free, F03-4004501-1100 - Wheat free, gluten free, reduced sodium soy sauce in an individual sized packet
Ken's® Fat Free Thousand Island Dressing F02-0002235-1300
Ken's® Lite Balsamic with Olive Oil Vinaigrette Dressing F02-0002265-1300
Ken's® Thousand Island Dressing F02-0002203-1300-1.5 oz thousand island flavor salad dressing in individually sealed single serving pouch. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Kernel Seasons® Popcorn Seasoning Bacon Cheddar, F40-4148409-8200
Kernel Seasons® Popcorn Seasoning Cheesy Caramel Corn, F40-4148408-8200
Kernel Seasons® Popcorn Seasoning Garlic Parmesan, F40-4148410-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Bacon Habanero, F09-0135105-8200
Late July ® Clasico Tortilla Chips Buffalo Queso, F09-0135103-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Jalapeno Lime, F09-0135104-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Nacho Chipotle, F09-0135102-8200
Late July® Clasico Tortilla Chips Sriracha Fresca, F09-0135106-8200
Late July® Multigrain Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, F09-0135101-8200
Mary's Gone Crackers Organic Crackers - Original F09-0132401-8200 - 1.25 oz crackers in sealed package. USDA Organic. Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, Fat free. Non GMO. No hydrogenated oils. No transfats.
Mary's Gone Crackers® Organic Crackers -Super Seed F09-0132406-8200 - 1.25 oz. single serving crackers in sealed package. USDA Organic.
Novus® English Breakfast Decaf F20-1839821-0000 - Single bag in sealed package.
Novus® Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea F20-1839807-0000-Single bag in sealed package. Loose leaf tea in a tea bag. Caffeine Free.
Novus® Organic Fair Trade South Indian Select F20-1839808-0000 - Single bag in sealed package.
Ocean Spray® Craisins® Blueberry F30-3017402-1200-1.16 oz. individual package.
Ocean Spray® Craisins® Cherry F30-3017403-1200
Ocean Spray® Craisins® Strawberry F30-3017405-1200-1.16 oz. individual package.
Peanut Butter & Co® Dark Chocolate Dreams Dipping Cup, F06-0139402-2300, 1.5 oz peanut butter dark chocolate dipping cup.