Hair Accessories

Choose from a variety of travel size hair accessories.

Travel size hairbrushes, hair picks, combs, elastics and hair bands - keep your hair looking its best when you are on the go.
Product Details Qty.  
Adult Super Soft Bristle Hairbrush, S02-0309922-9000
Badger® Cherry Wood Beard Comb C04-0370701-9000 - Cherry wood beard comb
Body Image Shower Cap J01-1058201-9100 - 1 shower cap in travel size sealed plastic package.
Elastic Hair Band - Single, S02-0389901-0000
Freestyle® Travel Pop-Up Brush with Mirror S02-0379701-9000-single pop-up brush with mirror. Various colors.
Freshscent Pediatric Comb and Brush Set S02-0314931-9400
Plastic Comb S02-0309901-9000
Generic Comb with handle 6-1/2" black S02-0309906-9000
Generic Folding Brush & Comb, S02-0309930-9100
Generic Shower Cap J01-1059901-9100 - 1 shower cap in travel size sealed plastic package.
Mini Pick - black S02-0309951-9000
Travel Bottle 4-Pack, K01-0489931-9000
Travel Bottle 4-Pack Assorted, K01-0489932-9000
Vented Adult Hairbrush - white S02-0309921-9000