Travel Size Honey Packets

Best selection of single serve honey packets and jars!

Browse a variety of individual honey packets. Select from premium brands like Dickinson's Pure Honey, to major brands like Kraft Pure Honey Packets. Did you know that honey never really expires and it can last for centuries? It may crystallize or change color, but it never really expires. Travel size your honey now!

Product Details Qty.  
Heinz Honey Packet F01-0500100-1100 - 9 gram honey in individual size packet. U.S. Grade A honey.
Heinz Grade A Honey Cup F01-0500101-2100 - 12 g. cup of U.S. Grade A light amber honey.
Kraft Pure Honey Packet F01-0500301-1100 - 0.31 oz packet
Kraft Pure Honey Cup F01-0500301-2100 - Pure Honey .5 oz cup
Sue Bee Clover Honey F01-0501200-1100 - 9 gram honey in  individual size packet. U.S. Grade A honey.
Sue Bee® Clover Honey F01-0501200-1100
Sue Bee® Clover Honey Cup, F01-0501200-2100
Smuckers® Natural Honey F01-0504900-2100-0.5 oz. cup of honey. Grade A Fancy.
Smucker's Honey F01-0504901-0102 - 0.5 oz cups.
Dickinson's® Pure Honey Cup - F01-0538500-2100 - 0.5 oz. pure honey cup.
Dickinsons® Pure Honey F01-0538500-3100
Crosse & Blackwell® Orange Blossom Honey F01-0538601-3100-1.1 oz. glass jar.
Bonne Maman® Honey Stick F01-0544401-1100-1/2 oz. individual stick of Honey.
Bonne Maman Honey - jar F01-0544401-3000 - 1 oz honey in glass jar, individual size. From France.
St. Dalfour Acacia Honey (jar) F01-0548301-3100 - 1 oz acacia honey in glass jar. From France.
CF Sauer Honey Sauce Packet, F01-0578601-1100
Stash Lemon Honey Sticks - box of 20 F08-0323703-9320 - 3 oz. box of 20 individual sticks sealed in a plastic straw. A convenient travel size for on the go. Natural clover honey.