Individual Play

Travel size games and travel activities make great boredom busters!

Long plane ride or car trip? Travel size games and travel activities help kids and adults stay entertained and quiet. We carry packs of playing cards for solitaire or a host of other card games. Crayons, coloring books, and more will amuse the doodler. And our puzzles and brain teasers are sure to please the puzzle-philes.
Product Details Qty.  
AAA Playing Cards G01-0568502-8200 - 1 pack of plastic coated playing cards.
Classic Hand Spinner, G01-0104201-1000
Coloring Book G05-0559911-8200 - Individual mini coloring book.
Crayola® Single Crayon - Brown G05-0551401-8170-One crayon.
Crayola® Single Crayon - Orange G05-0551401-8110-One crayon.
Crayola® Single Crayon - Violet Purple G05-0551401-8140-One crayon.
Crayola® Single Crayon - Yellow G05-0551401-8130-One crayon.
Crayola® Single Crayon- Black G05-0551401-8100/ One black Crayola crayon
Crayola® Single Crayon- Blue G05-0551401-8160.One blue Crayola crayon.
Crayola® Single Crayon- Green G05-0551401-8150
Crayola® Single Crayon- Red G05-0551401-8120.One red Crayola crayon
Crayon 4 pack G05-0559901-8200 - Ages 3 & up.  Four color crayons in individual box. Non-toxic.
Emoji Gift Bag, K01-1159905-1100
Fingertip Rotator LED, G01-0104203-1000
Flex Pen G05-0517501-8100-a single 4 inch pen. Black ink.
Flip Spinner Copy G01-0104203-1000-COPY
Golf Pencil G05-0514301-8100-1 sharpened golf pencil.
Goodie Bag K01-1259901-5120-10 products in a bronze organza drawstring bag.
Magic Cube Puzzle G01-0159906-8200
Metal Jacks and Ball Set G01-0159908-8000 - Jacks & Ball Set.
Ohio Art® Etch A Sketch® - Hot Pocket G01-0162901-1100
Ohio Art® Etch A Sketch® Doodle Sketch G01-0162903-1100
Pop Pens, Cupcake, G05-0589900-8100
Puzzle - Number G01-0159903-8100 - Numeric plastic puzzle. Push tiles around puzzle to form a number sequence when completed. Colors May Vary.
Santa's Game Bag K01-1159904-5500