Kosher Food

Product Details Qty.  
Nabisco® Oreo® Thin Crisps 100 Calorie Pack F32-3909607-8100-0.81 oz. package of Thin Crisps Oreo® a baked chocolate wafer snack.
Nabisco® Mini Oreo Cookies F32-3909607-8200
Nabisco® Lorna Doone® Shortbread Cookie 100 Calorie Packs F32-3909609-8100 0.74 oz. bag.
Nabisco® Lorna Doone® Shortbread Cookies F32-3909609-8300
Nabisco Fig Newtons Cookie F32-3909611-8300 - 1 oz fruity chewy cookie in individual serving package.  A convenient travel size for on the go.
Nabisco® Fig Newtons® Cookie 2 oz F32-3909611-8302
Nabisco® Honey Maid Lil' Squares Honey Grahams F32-3909612-8300-1.06 oz. package of honey grahams.
Dick & Jane Educational Snacks English & Spanish, F32-3935606-8100
Appleways® Simply Wholesome Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie F32-3937401-8200 - 1.4 oz. individually sealed package.
Appleways® Apple Simply Wholesome Oatmeal Bar F32-3937402-8200-1.2 oz. apple flavored oatmeal bar.
Appleways® Chocolate Simply Wholesome Oatmeal Bar F32-3937403-8200-1.2 oz. soft baked chocolate oatmeal bar.
Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread  - Scotland 1.4 oz, F32-3964802-8201, 1.4 oz. sealed travel size package of 2 shortbread cookies. Product of Scotland.
Keebler® Graham Crackers Cinnamon Gripz® F32-3965600-8100-0.9 oz. bag. Made with Whole Grain. Good source of Calcium.
Keebler® Grahams Crackers Chocolate Chip Gripz® F32-3965601-8100-0.95 oz. Rip n Tip bag. Made with Whole Grains. Good source of Calcium.
Keebler® Bug Bites Cinnamon Graham F32-3965604-8200
Keebler Mini Sandies Shortbread Cookies F32-3965605-8200 - 1 oz package.
Murray® Sugar Free Shortbread Cookies F32-3975722-8300
Sheila Gs Brownie Brittle Chocolate Chip F32-3985601-8200-1 oz bag. Only 120 Calories Per Serving.
Homefree Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies F32-4385501-8100 - 1.1 oz. Bag of Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Homefree Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies F32-4385502-8100
Homefree Gluten Free Vanilla Mini Cookies F32-4385503-8100
Homefree Gluten Free Chocolate Mint Mini Cookies F32-4385504-8100
Homefree Gluten Free Lemon Burst Mini Cookies F32-4385505-8100
Act II® Butter Lovers® Popcorn - F40-4129503-8300 - 2.75 oz. package of unpopped popcorn.
Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Nacho Cheddar F40-4148401-8200