Kosher Food

Product Details Qty.  
Kraft Lite Mayonnaise F01-0400301-1100 - 7/16 oz light mayonnaise packet, individual size. Half the calories and fat of mayonnaise.
Kraft Fat Free Mayonnaise F01-0400302-1100 - 7/16 oz fat free mayonnaise packet, individual size. Zero grams of fat.
Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing F01-0400303-1100 - 7/16 oz miracle whip dressing packet, individual size.
Kraft® Miracle Whip Light Dressing F01-0400305-1100-7/16 oz packet. 50% less fat and calories than Miracle whip dressing.
Kraft® Mayo with Olive Oil Reduced Fat Mayonnaise Packet F01-0400311-1100
Kraft® Honey Dijon Sauce Dipping Cup F01-0400320-2100-1 oz. individual serving size, sealed cup.
Best Foods Mayonnaise F01-0401000-1100 - 3/8 oz mayonnaise  packet, individual size.
Best Foods Light Mayonnaise F01-0401001-1100 - 12 gram light mayonnaise packet, individual size. 60% less calories and fat than Best Foods Mayonnaise.
Dickinson's® Real Mayonnaise F01-0438500-3100-1.2 fl oz. glass jar.
Heinz Honey Packet F01-0500100-1100 - 9 gram honey in individual size packet. U.S. Grade A honey.
Heinz Grade A Honey Cup F01-0500101-2100 - 12 g. cup of U.S. Grade A light amber honey.
Kraft Pure Honey Packet- Special Price, F01-0500301-1100CL - 0.31 oz packet
Kraft Pure Honey Cup F01-0500301-2100 - Pure Honey .5 oz cup
Smuckers® Natural Honey F01-0504900-2100-0.5 oz. cup of honey. Grade A Fancy.
Smucker's Honey F01-0504901-0102 - 0.5 oz cups.
Dickinson's® Pure Honey Cup - F01-0538500-2100 - 0.5 oz. pure honey cup.
Dickinsons® Pure Honey F01-0538500-3100
Crosse & Blackwell® Orange Blossom Honey F01-0538601-3100-1.1 oz. glass jar.
Bonne Maman Honey - jar F01-0544401-3000 - 1 oz honey in glass jar, individual size. From France.
CF Sauer Honey Sauce Packet, F01-0578601-1100
RealLemon® Lemon Juice F01-0601301-1100
Malt Vinegar F01-0808001-1200 - 12 gram malt vinegar in individual size packet.
Table Vinegar F01-0808002-1100 - 9 gram vinegar in individual size packet.
Carrington Farms® Coconut Oil Pak F01-0864801-1200-0.5 fl oz. pack of pure, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. USDA organic.
CF Sauer Canola & Olive Oil Blend Packet F01-0878601-1100 - 9 g individual packet