Lotions & Creams

Dozens of travel sized lotions, travel sized creams, and more.

Travel can be drying to the skin. Moisturize with travel size lotions and creams. Choose your favorite fragrance, or a fragrance free version. We carry lotions and creams in convenient, travel size bottles, tubes, and packets. With travel sized lotions, you will never again have to deal with bulky, full size containers exploding in your luggage, or trying to squeeze their contents into tiny, three-ounce containers to fit in your carry-on.
Product Details Qty.  
Palmer's® Coconut Oil Body Lotion C02-0323605-8300-1.7 fl oz. bottle. 24 hr moisture.
Nivea Men Crème C02-0356305-9100 - 1 oz. tin of face, body, and hand crème for men.
Nivea® Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion Shea Butter C02-0356308-8300 - 2.5 oz. bottle of Smooth Sensation Body Lotion for Dry Skin.
Nivea® In-Shower Body Lotion Almond Oil C02-0356321-8300 - 2.7 fl. oz. in shower body lotion for very dry skin.
Johnsons®  Baby Lotion 3 oz, C02-0520401-8300
Vaseline® Intensive Care® Essential Healing, C02-0322903-8300
Travel Bottle 4-Pack Assorted, K01-0489932-9000
Travel Bottle 4-Pack, K01-0489931-9000
Suave® Skin Solutions Advanced Therapy Body Lotion, C02-0322101-8300
Careall Petroleum Jelly Tube 1 oz, , P02-0183702-8200
Burt's Bees® Coconut Foot Cream, C02-0603002-8100
Eucerin® Daily Hydration Hand Creme with Sunscreen 2.7 oz, C02-0359715-8300
Eucerin® Advanced Repair Hand Crème 2.7 oz, C02-0359710-8300
Eucerin® Advanced Repair Foot Crème 3 oz, C02-0659701-8300
Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Advanced Repair Hand Cream - Unscented, C02-0322904-8300
Lubriderm® Daily Moisture Lotion™ Fragrance Free (3 fl oz), C02-0320900-8300
Burts Bees® Baby Bee® Kissable Cheeks Balm, P02-0103020-9100
Burts Bees® Baby Nourishing Lotion - Original, C02-0503001-8100