Individual Mayonnaise Bottles & Packets

Best selection of single serving mayonnaise packets & small bottles.

Browse through various brands of single serving mayo packets, including light mayonnaise packets, and even a small mayonnaise bottle. Travel size your mayonnaise now!

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Clovis France Mayonnaise 1.1 oz F01-0234604-3200
Heinz Real Mayonnaise F01-0400100-1101 - 12 g. single serving packet.
Heinz® Simply Heinz® Mayonnaise F01-0400100-1102
Heinz Mayonnaise (Bottle) F01-0400100-3100 - 1.8 fl oz mayonnaise in glass bottle. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Heinz® Garlic & Herb Flavored Light Mayonnaise F01-0400101-1100 - 12 g. single serving packet.
Heinz Premium Mayonnaise F01-0400101-1200,1.25 oz individual packet. Rich and creamy premium mayonnaise.
Heinz®  Chipotle Pepper Flavored Light  Mayonnaise F01-0400103-1100
Heinz® Mayochup F01-0400105-1100
Heinz Light Mayonnaise F01-0400111-1100 - 12 gram individual size light mayonnaise packet. 2/3 less fat and 1/2 the calories of regular mayonnaise.
Kraft Mayonnaise F01-0400300-1100 - 7/16 oz mayonnaise packet, individual size.
Kraft Lite Mayonnaise F01-0400301-1100 - 7/16 oz light mayonnaise packet, individual size. Half the calories and fat of mayonnaise.
Kraft Fat Free Mayonnaise F01-0400302-1100 - 7/16 oz fat free mayonnaise packet, individual size. Zero grams of fat.
Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing F01-0400303-1100 - 7/16 oz miracle whip dressing packet, individual size.
Kraft® Miracle Whip Light Dressing F01-0400305-1100-7/16 oz packet. 50% less fat and calories than Miracle whip dressing.
Kraft Heinz® Mayonnaise Packet F01-0400307-1100
Kraft® Mayo with Olive Oil Reduced Fat Mayonnaise Packet F01-0400311-1100
Hellmann's Light Mayonnaise 7/16 oz F01-0400901-1000 - 7/16 oz light mayonnaise packet, individual size.
Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise 3/8 oz F01-0400902-1000 - 3/8 oz mayonnaise packet, individual size.
Best Foods Mayonnaise F01-0401000-1100 - 3/8 oz mayonnaise  packet, individual size.
Best Foods Light Mayonnaise F01-0401001-1100 - 12 gram light mayonnaise packet, individual size. 60% less calories and fat than Best Foods Mayonnaise.
Dickinson's® Real Mayonnaise F01-0438500-3100-1.2 fl oz. glass jar.
Americana Mayonnaise F01-0467801-1100
Duke's® Real Mayonnaise F01-0478601-1100
CF Sauer Mayonnaise Packet F01-0478602-1100
Sir Kensingtons Mayonnaise Packet, F01-0485802-1100