Military Care Packages of the Month - Male

Product Code: M01-0589902-0000

  • $217.80

A new care package automatically sent directly to your deployed Military member each month for three months. Includes free ground shipping via USPS. Just enter your loved one's FPO/APO address in the Ship-to field at checkout. (To see images of all the care packages, click the "Additional Images" button below the picture to your left.)

Men's Box Set 1 includes 4 kits:
Personal Care, Snack, Medical, Laundry

Men's Box Set 2 includes 4 kits: Field, Mini-Meal, Laundry, Condiment

Men's Box Set 3 includes 5 kits:
Personal Care, Snack, Beverage, Laundry, Condiment

You may join at any time. Your military member will receive all three box sets, regardless of when you sign up. Package shipments are scheduled as follows:

Men’s Box Set 1 ships: January, April, July, October
(order deadline 15th of prior month)
Men’s Box Set 2 ships: February, May, August, November
(order deadline 15th of prior month)
Men’s Box Set 3 ships: March, June, September, December
(order deadline 15th of prior month)