Travel Accessories

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Brittanie's Thyme Organic Sinus Relief Pillow BV3-0461402-9200 - A special blend of herbs to aid in the relief of sinus congestion and promote clearer breathing while you sleep. Offers relief from colds, sinusitis, allergies, and sinus headaches.
Brittanie's Thyme Organic Sweet Dreams Pillow BV3-0461401-9200 - Lavender scent aides in relaxation and restful sleep.
IN-Flight Kit K01-0159922-1100 - 10 different products (12 total) in a drawstring polybag
Poo-Pourri® Call of the Wild 2 fl. oz. J03-0162610-8200-2 fl. oz. pump spray bottle. When Nature Calls Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray.
Poo-Pourri® Deja-Poo® 2 fl. oz. J03-0162611-8200-2 fl. oz. pump bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray. You've been here before but now with a scent you adore.
Poo-Pourri® Genuine Trap-A-Crap® 2 fl. oz. J03-0162621-8200-2 fl. oz. pump bottle. Before-You-Go® Toilet Spray that makes the odor go away!