Mini World Garden

Miniature garden items and figurines

Welcome to our new category for miniature garden items. This is a fun family project where people create fantastic garden scenes in their backyards which can then can grow over time. A great activity that is really fun to work on with kids. We've started with over 100 items, and expect to add more over time.

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Product Details Qty.  
Iron Mini Garden Umbrellas, 3 pc set U03-0404232-0093-3 piece set of Iron Mini umbrellas. Garden décor.
Iron Mini Garden Wheelbarrow U03-0504232-0020-a single mini iron wheelbarrow. Garden décor.
Iron Mini Gazebo with Stake U03-0604232-0120-a single miniature iron garden house on a stake. Life Well Styled.
Iron Mini Kissing Bench U03-0404232-0060
Metal Mini Fiesta Sunflower Stakes (3 pc set) U03-0804232-0093-3 pc set of iron mini fiesta style sunflowers on stakes. Garden décor.
Metal Mini World Li'l Red Wagon, U03-0903232-0130
Mini World Mini Accent Tree, U03-0807232-0040
Pine Mini World Picket Fence, U03-0606232-0060
Pine Mini World Wooden Ladder, U03-0506232-0020
Pine Mini World Wooden Trunk Slicess (2 pc set), U03-0606232-0022
Plastic Mini Garden Bench U03-0407232-0000-a single mini bench. Garden décor.
Plastic Mini Garden Chair U03-0407232-0100-a single mini chair. Garden décor.
Polyresin Mini Garden Pond U03-0801232-0170-a single polyresin mini pond. Blue polyresin detail. Garden décor.
Polyresin Mini World Seaside - Beach Crane Pick, U03-0201232-0060
Polyresin Mini World Seaside - Beach Frogs (2 pc set), U03-0201232-0042
Polyresin Mini World Seaside - Palm Tree & Surfboard, U03-0801232-0290
Polyresin Mini World Seaside - Surfboard & Parrot, Fence & Flip Flops (2 pcs), U03-0201232-0022
Polyresin Mini World Seaside - Surfboard Pick & Life Ring (2 pc set), U03-1101232-0192
Polyresin Mini World OZ Dorothy & Sign (2 pc set), U03-0101232-0392
Polyresin Mini World OZ Emerald City, U03-0301232-1490
Polyresin Mini World OZ  Haunted Tree, U03-0801232-0120
Polyresin Mini World OZ Lion, Scarecrow & Tin Man (3 pc set) , U03-0101232-0093
Polyresin Mini World OZ Munchkins (3 pc set), U03-0101233-0293
Polyresin Mini World OZ Witch & LED Ball (2 pc set), U03-0101232-0092
Polyresin Mini World OZ Yellow Brick Road & Sign (2 pc set), U03-0701232-0062