Misc. Condiments

Product Details Qty.  
Kraft Creamy Tartar Sauce F03-4400300-1100 - 7/16 oz tartar sauce in individual size packet. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Kraft Tartar Sauce (cup) F03-4400300-2100 - 3/4 oz tartar sauce in sealed cup. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Kens® Tartar Sauce Cup F03-4402200-2200-2 oz. tartar sauce in sealed up.
Tartar Sauce F03-4408000-1000
Kraft Cocktail Sauce F03-4500300-2100 - 3/4 oz cocktail sauce in individually sealed cup. A convenient travel size for on the go.
Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce F03-4717400-1100
Walden Farms® Calorie Free Cranberry Sauce F03-4748500-1200-0.4 oz. packet. No Calories, Fat, Carbs, Gluten or Sugars of any kind!
CF Sauer Cranberry Sauce F03-4778600-1100
Heinz® Horseradish Sauce Packet F03-4900100-1100
Heinz® Breakfast Syrup, F05-0000100-2200, 1.5 oz cup Breakfast Syrup
Dickinson's® Breakfast Syrup Cup F05-0038501-2100-1 oz. cup.
Dickinsons® Breakfast Syrup Jar F05-0038501-3100-1 oz. glass jar.
Dickinson's® Pure Maple Syrup F05-0038502-3100-1.6 oz. glass jar.
CF Sauer Sugar Free Table Syrup 1 oz Cup, F05-0078601-2100
Sunbutter Creamy Sunflower Seed Spread cup F06-0164501-0100-1.1 oz. cup of creamy, peanut free Sunflower Seed Spread.
Jif® Creamy Peanut Butter Cup F06-0184900-2200-1.1 oz travel size cup. Gluten Free.
Monarch Peanut Butter Cup F06-0187100-2100
GoGo Dipperz™ Traditional Hummus Cup F06-0488501-2300
Pearls Olives To Go - Black Pitted Olives F06-1445401-5000
Pearls Olives To Go - Pimento Stuffed Green Olives F06-1445402-5000
Diamond Crystal All Natural Brown Sugar Packet F08-0188910-1100-0.46 oz. packet. Single Serve.
Gourmet Brie Flavor Cheese Spread Wedge F12-0271531-8200 - 0.67 oz cheese wedge  (wrapper color varies).
Walden Farms® Sugar Free Salad Dressing Sampler, K01-2059905-3100
Walden Farms® Sampler, K01-2059907-5103
Taste of Asia Sampler, K01-2059911-3100