Miscellaneous First Aid & Personal Health

Look here for various travel sized first aid and personal health products.

All the travel size first aid items you're looking for, all in one place. Make traveling (and life!) easier with travel sizes of lip balm, cotton balls and cotton swabs, motion sickness relief, migraine relief, antacids, and tissues. Pick up travel sizes of your favorite specialty items, like tattoo care products, pops for queasy stomach relief, sports rubs, and aromatherapy. Complete or refill your first aid kit with thermometers, scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, splinter removers, and much more.
Product Details Qty.  
Queasy Pops® dietary supplement V03-0466601-9100
Redmond CLAY P03-1077101-1100-0.78 oz. packet of clay. For External and Internal use.
Safetec 1% Hydrocortisone Cream P02-0125906-1000
Safetec First Aid Burn Spray P04-0125902-8200
Safetec Hydrogen Peroxide Spray P03-0125908-8200
Safetec Itch Relief Spray P03-0125901-8200-2 fl. Oz. of liquid spray in a pump bottle.
Safetec Oral Pain Relief P01-0625901-1000
Scissors 4" round tip J01-0459903-8000
Sea Band® for Children S01-1159302-9000
Sea Band® for morning and travel sickness S01-1159301-9000
Socks, Loose Fit Top, Diabetic Sz. 9-11 S02-0759902-9910-1 pair of white diabetic socks with a loose fit top.
Splinter Out J01-0430702-8000
Tempa-DOT® Single Use Thermometer P06-0230201-8200
Tiger Balm® - Red Extra Strength Sports Rub P04-0485302-9100-0.14 oz. of extra strength pain relieving ointment. For sore muscles and over-exertion.
Tiger Balm® - White Regular Strength Sports Rub P04-0485301-9100-0.14 oz of regular strength pain relieving ointment for sore muscles and over exertion.
Traveler Med Kit K01-0489907-9000
Tums® Extra Strength 750 Assorted Fruit P01-0342414-9100-8 chewable antacid tablets per roll. Assorted fruit flavors.
Tums® Ultra Strength 1000 Assorted Berries P01-0342425-9100-12 chewable antacid tablets per roll. Assorted Berry flavors.
Tylenol® Extra Strength - 10 count vial P01-0110102-8200-10 count vial of Extra Strength Tylenol. 500 mg each.
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly P02-0122902-9200
White Towel Services Synthetic Towelette Lemon J01-0761712-8100-1 packaged lemon scented towelette.
Wooden Hand Massager, S02-0537701-9000
Yoga Lavender Relaxation Towel J01-0761721-9100-1 packaged, lavender scented, relaxation towel.
Zantac® 150 Maximum Strength P01-0112002-1000-150 mg tablet. Acid Reducer. Strong. Fast. Lasting.
Zyrtec Allergy tablets P01-0165401-8200