Miscellaneous First Aid & Personal Health

Look here for various travel sized first aid and personal health products.

All the travel size first aid items you're looking for, all in one place. Make traveling (and life!) easier with travel sizes of lip balm, cotton balls and cotton swabs, motion sickness relief, migraine relief, antacids, and tissues. Pick up travel sizes of your favorite specialty items, like tattoo care products, pops for queasy stomach relief, sports rubs, and aromatherapy. Complete or refill your first aid kit with thermometers, scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, splinter removers, and much more.
Product Details Qty.  
Covfefe Kit K01-1059959-9100
aMINIties First Aid Kit - Basic K02-0732503-8200 - 6 different products (20 items total) in reclosable plastic bag.
Tylenol® Extra Strength - 10 count vial P01-0110102-8200-10 count vial of Extra Strength Tylenol. 500 mg each.
Advil® Tablets Vial - 10 count pocket pack P01-0110401-8200-10 count vial of Advil® 200 mg coated tablets.
Advil® Congestion Relief - 10 count P01-0110404-8200-10 count package of Advil® Congestion Relief. Relief of symptoms due to COLD or FLU.
Aleve® All Day Strong® Tablets Vial - 10 count P01-0110701-8200-10 count vial of  Aleve®All Day Strong®. Strength to last 12 hours.
Dramamine® Chewable Formula - 8 count P01-0111401-8200-8 count package of orange flavored chewable tablets. Motion sickness relief.
Dramamine® Less Drowsy Formula - 8 count vial P01-0111402-8200-8 count safety travel vial of Dramamine® Less Drowsy Formula. Long Lasting.
Dramamine® Original Formula - 12 count vial P01-0111403-8200-12 count safety travel vial of Dramamine® original formula. Motion sickness relief.
Back Quell Tablets P01-0127410-1000-2 tablets for temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with backache, and muscular aches.
Moore Brand Ibuprofen Tablets 200mg P01-0138901-1000-packet of 2 tablets. 200 mg ea. Pain reliever.
Mygrex Pain reliever- Nasal Decongestant P01-0138902-1000-packet of 2 tablets.  500 Mg/ea.
MooreMedical Bismuth Tablets P01-0138903-1000-2 chewable tablets in an individually sealed packet.
Moore Brand® Loratadine Tablets P01-0138905-1000-1 individually packaged tablet of Loratadine.
Zyrtec Allergy tablets P01-0165401-8200
Mucinex® Expectorant - 6 count P01-0188401-8200
Mucinex® DM Expectorant & Cough Suppressant - 6 count P01-0188402-8200
Gas-X® Softgels Extra Strength - 10 count P01-0188601-8200-010 count package of softgels. Extra Strength.
Tums® Extra Strength 750 Assorted Fruit P01-0342414-9100-8 chewable antacid tablets per roll. Assorted fruit flavors.
Tums® Ultra Strength 1000 Assorted Berries P01-0342425-9100-12 chewable antacid tablets per roll. Assorted Berry flavors.
Safetec Oral Pain Relief P01-0625901-1000
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly P02-0122902-9200
Neosporin® Neo to go!® Spray P02-0124401-9200
Safetec 1% Hydrocortisone Cream P02-0125906-1000
Chapstick Lip Balm P02-0128301-9000 - 0.15 oz travel size tube. Skin protectant. Sunscreen SPF 4.