Miscellaneous Personal Care

Browse these travel sized items and travel sized toiletries that don't fit into a category.

We love providing you with all your travel size needs - and that includes these hard to categorize, travel size personal care items. Beard comb? We got it. Travel size bed bug spray? Yup. Travel size mustache wax? Check. Travel pop up hairbrush? It's here. Travel size make up remover wipes? Uh-huh. Tweezers? Of course. Travel size contact lens solution? Got that, too. So, poke around, you'll find all kinds of travel size personal items and toiletries.
Product Details Qty.  
O.B.® Pro Comfort (40 count) C08-0162102-8200-40 silktouch, regular absorbency tampons in a single package.
Playtex® Sport® Liners - Regular (20 pack) C08-0333301-8300-20 pack, individually wrapped pantiliners with FlexFit.
Stall Mates® Wipe - 30 pack C08-0537201-1300
Lucky #6 C11-0180901-8400-0.5 fl oz. eau de parfum spray. For women.
Reveal by Halle Berry Eau de Parfum C11-0181911-8400
Eyeglass Repair Kit Tube J01-0459902-8001-A single Eyeglass Repair Kit in a Tube.
Folding Scissors J01-0459904-9000
Careall® Eye Drops  J01-0483701-8000
Kleenex® Facial Tissue Pocket Pack - J01-0602601-8100 - Travel size package of 10 tissues, 3-ply.
Pockette™ European Luxury Tissues Unscented J01-0686501-810010, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Pockette® European Luxury Tissues Mint J01-0686502-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, travel sized white pocket tissues.
Pockette European Luxury Tissues Lavender J01-0686503-8100 - 10, 4-ply, full-size, white pocket travel sized tissues.
Moist Cotton Towel - Unscented J01-0761701-9100
Moist Cotton Towel - Unscented 9 x 9 J01-0761701-9101
Moist Cotton Towel - Unscented 10 x 10 J01-0761701-9101
Moist Cotton Towel - Lemon J01-0761702-9100
Moist Cotton Towel - Lemon 9 x 9 J01-0761702-9101
Moist Cotton Towel - Lemon 10 x10 J01-0761702-9102
Moist Cotton Towel - Peach - Mango J01-0761704-9100
Moist Cotton Towel - Peach-Mango 9 x 9 J01-0761704-9101
Moist Cotton Towel - Peach-Mango 10 x 10 J01-0761704-9102
Moist Cotton Towel - Eucalyptus 9 x 9 Copy J01-0761705-9101
White Towel Services Synthetic Towelette Unscented J01-0761711-8100-1 packaged unscented towelette.
White Towel Services Synthetic Towelette Lemon J01-0761712-8100-1 packaged lemon scented towelette.
Yoga Lavender Relaxation Towel J01-0761721-9100-1 packaged, lavender scented, relaxation towel.