Miscellaneous Travel Accessories

Travel accessories make your trip easier

We thought of all the little things to make your travel easier, and put them in one convenient place. Wherever your travel takes you, we have just the right travel accessory to ensure smooth sailing (or flying, driving, walking, or camping)! We have a wide selection of travel accessories such as compact hairbrushes and mirrors; mini duct tape; keychains with mini screwdrivers, bags, carabiners, compass, or flashlight; collapsible plastic cups; eyeglass repair kits; compressed travel towels; luggage tags; and more!
Product Details Qty.  
grab green® Wet Dryer Sheets - Fragrance Free D01-0264401-1000
Singing Rattlesnake Eggs - 2 pack G01-0172501-8000-2 pc. Noise making magnets. Oval Shape.
Super Glue Mini Tube H01-0239601-8100 - 0.5 gram mini tube
Brass Wire Brush H10-0459901-8100-A single Brass Wire Brush.
Safetec Device Wipe J01-0325903-1000
E-A-R® Classic® Plus Ear Plugs J01-0431901-8100 - 2 soft earplugs in travel size cardboard holder.
Generic Eyeglass Repair Kit J01-0459902-8000
Mini Roll Duct Tape (2 roll pack) J01-0730901-8200
Lightload Towels J01-0857401-9100
Lightload Towels Beach Towel J01-0857403-9100
Sona® Compressed Towels - 12 count, J01-0872501-8200
Generic Cutlery Set J02-0109901-9100
Generic Plastic Soup Spoons - 10 pack J02-0109902-9000
Ziploc® Snack Bag J02-0227901-9101 - Individual snack size bag.
Ziploc® Sandwich 1.2mil J02-0227901-9200
Ziploc® Qt. Storage 1.75mil J02-0227901-9400
Plastic Bottle & Cap- 2 oz capacity J02-0309902-8200
Lysol® Disinfectant Spray - Crisp Linen® Scent Copy J03-0137301-8300
Lysol® Disinfectant Spray - Crisp Linen® scent J03-0165001-8200 - 1 oz. travel size disinfectant spray. Aerosol can. Kill viruses, germs, mold, mildew.<br>***Ground Shipping Only
Public Restroom Survival Kit K01-0159921-1100
IN-Flight Kit K01-0159922-1100 - 10 different products (12 total) in a drawstring polybag
Flu Safety Wipes Kit K01-0459937-2101
Travel Bottle 4-Pack, K01-0489931-9000
Paracord Bracelet - 8 inch L30-1572501-8100-A single 8 inch Paracord Bracelet.
Insect Repelling Super Band Wristband P04-0129902-9000