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This shopping aisle features travel sized products that are either new to Minimus or new to the travel size item marketplace. Let us know if you don't see something you want!

Product Details Qty.  
Bobos Stuffd Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oat Bar F30-4087011-7000
Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Baked Crackers Whole Grain Cheddar .75 oz F40-4230008-8100
East Shore Skinny Dipping Pretzels F40-4568703-8201
East Shore Honey Wheat Dipping Pretzels F40-4568703-8202
Jelly Belly® The Original Gourmet Candy Corn® 1 oz. F51-4546008-1200
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Wonder Woman F51-4546020-1300
Jelly Belly® Extreme Sport Beans® - Assorted Smoothie Flavor F51-4546021-1200
Jelly Belly® Extreme Sport Beans® - Assorted Flavors F51-4546022-1200
Jelly Belly® Extreme Sport Beans® Pomegranate Flavor F51-4546023-1200
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Strawberry Banana Smoothie Flavor F51-4546028-1300
Jelly Belly® Recipe Mix 1 oz bag F51-4546052-1200
Jelly Belly® Christmas Mix Jelly Beans 1 oz. Stocking Stuffer Bags F51-4546053-1200
Jelly Belly® Holiday Favorites 1.2 oz Flip Top Box F51-4546054-4200
Boogie Wipes® Fresh Scent -30 count J01-0162002-8201
Pierre F Probiotic Skin Care Sampler K01-04599-5300 - Treat yourself or a friend to a pampering set of facial products. The Pierre F Probiotic Skin Care Sampler contains 7 skin care packets and is perfect for gifting.
Gift Grab Bag - Mini Office Items K01-0959910-5100 - Packaged in an adorable snowflake or organza drawstring bag, this kit contains 2-3 mini office items perfect for school, work, or travel!
1W Flashlight  S01-0572503-9000
Steadfast 3 Pc Heavy Duty AAA Batteries S01-0672501-9000