Nutrition Bars

Energy bars and nutrition bars

Energy bars and nutrition bars are the perfect on-the-go pick-me-up when hunger strikes. Energy bars and nutrition bars travel well and provide a boost of energy, along with essential nutrients. Snack on protein bars after the gym, sports practice, or for your four o'clock snack break to hold you over until dinner. We even carry gluten free and vegan bars.
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Betty Lou's® Nuts about Cashew Butter Protein Plus - 1.7 oz package.  Certified Gluten-Free.
Betty Lou's® Nuts about Energy Balls with Peanuts Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt - F30-4132712-8100
Betty Lou's® Nuts about Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Balls - 1.5 oz package.  Non-GMO.  Gluten Free.
Betty Lou’s High Protein Balls - Almond Butter F30-4132716-8100 - 1.4 oz package. Gluten free. No transfat.
Betty Lous Gluten Free Nut Butter Balls - Spirulina Ginseng F30-4132721-8100 - 2 oz fruit bar in individually sealed package.
Betty Lou's® Nuts about Energy Balls Paleo Berry Blast - F30-4132722-8100 - 1.4 oz package.  Paleo, Non-GMO, Vegetarian.
Nabisco Fig Newtons Cookie F32-3909611-8300 - 1 oz fruity chewy cookie in individual serving package.  A convenient travel size for on the go.
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® Assorted Flavors F51-4546021-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Cherry flavor F51-4546022-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Watermelon flavor F51-4546023-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Fruit Punch flavor F51-4546024-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Orange flavor F51-4546025-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Berry flavor F51-4546026-1300
Jelly Belly® Sport Beans® - Lemon Lime flavor F51-4546027-1300