Mini Office Supplies

If you need an office on the go, or just like miniature items, browse here.

People love mini office supplies, so we've added them to the Minimus offering. Come back often for a growing catalog of new miniature office supplies: from things like mini staplers, mini tape dispensers, mini scissors, and more.
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Gift Grab Bag - Mini Office Items K01-0959910-5100 - Packaged in an adorable snowflake or organza drawstring bag, this kit contains 2-3 mini office items perfect for school, work, or travel!
Rayovac® High Energy Battery AA - 2 Pack S01-0650208-9000
Rayovac® High Energy Battery AAA - 2 Pack S01-0650209-9000
Steadfast 3 Pc Heavy Duty AAA Batteries S01-0672501-9000
Bazic Palm Mini Ballpoint Pen w/Keychain - 6 Count Y01-0188001-1000
Bazic Mini Fluorescent Highlighter with Cap Clip - 4 Count Y01-0588001-1100
Bazic Mini Desk Fluorescent Highlighters - 4 Count Y01-0588001-1110
Bazic Fruit Scented Mini Fluorescent Highlighters - 6 Count Y01-0588001-1210
Bazic Mini Natural Craft Clothespin - 50 Count Y03-2188001-1000
Bazic Mini Colored Craft Clothespin - 50 Count Copy Y03-2188002-1000