Other Lunch Food

Product Details Qty.  
Idahoan Microwavable Loaded Baked® Mashed Potato Cup, F10-0189002-6200
Idahoan Microwavable Buttery Homestye Mashed Potato Cup, F10-0189003-6200
Idahoan® Microwavable Four Cheese Mashed Potato Cup, F10-0189004-6200
Idahoan® Microwavable Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato Cup, F10-0189005-6200
Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Tuna Salad with crackers F10-0242501-9200 - 3.5 oz box  containing 2.9 can tuna salad and crackers package.
Bridgford Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich F10-0539104-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Honey BBQ Beef Pocket Sandwich.
Bridgford Italian Style Pocket Sandwich F10-0539108-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Sandwich.
Bridgford White Plain Bread F10-0539152-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Flat Bread.
Bridgford Whole Wheat Bread F10-0539153-8200 - 3.5 oz Shelf Stable Bread.
Motts® Applesauce Snack and Go Pouch Natural F30-2946606-8200
Fresh Gourmet® Dried Cranberries F30-3057803-8200
Betty Lou's® Peanut Butter & Strawberry Bar F30-4032770-8200-2 oz. individually packaged bar. Gluten free.
Betty Lou's® Peanut Butter & Blueberry Bar F30-4032771-8200-2 oz. individually packaged bar. Gluten Free.
That's It.® Fruit Bar Apple & Cherry F30-4085705-8100 - 1.2 oz fruit bar. No added sugar.
That's It.® Fruit Bar Apple & Pear F30-4085706-8100 - 1.2 oz. fruit bar. No added sugar.
Rockin'ola Strawberry Granola with Mini Marshmallow, F30-4136203-8100
Rockin'ola Chocolate Granola, F30-4136206-8100
Fieldstone Bakery® Premium Granola - Original - 1 oz., F30-4187401-8100
Military Mini-Meal Care Package K01-0109902-9200