Personal Care Kits

Travel sized toiletry kits. Or, customize your own with a 20 kit and $250 minimum - email

Product Details Qty.  
Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes C05-0322001-8200 - 7 pre-moistened make-up remover towelettes in travel size package.
Military Personal Care - Male: Care Package K01-0109906-9200
Military Personal Care - Female: Care Package K01-0109907-9200
VIP Woman’s Traveler K01-0159909-2300
The Carry-On Caddy™ - Male  K01-0159911-5200
The Carry-On Caddy™ - Female  K01-0159911-5300
Honeymoon Travel Kit K01-0159913-4100
Metro Man On the Go Gift Set K01-0159916-5200
Feminine Care Emergency Kit K01-0459901-2300
Baby's Visitors Hand Sanitizer Sampler K01-0459902-2100 - Protect your baby from unwanted germs.
The New Pampered Mommy K01-0459908-2300
Mom-To-Be Deluxe K01-0459909-2300 - All natural and therapeutic personal care for the health and well-being of the body, mind, and soul.
Spa Treatment on the Go - Black K01-0459921-5301
Spa Treatment on the Go - Blue K01-0459921-5303
Flu Safety Kit K01-0459936-2101
Flu Safety Wipes Kit K01-0459937-2101
Pierre F Probiotic Skin Care Sampler K01-04599-5300 - Treat yourself or a friend to a pampering set of facial products. The Pierre F Probiotic Skin Care Sampler contains 7 skin care packets and is perfect for gifting.
The Bachelor Guy - Overnight Kit K01-0480101-2200
The Bachelor Guy - Her Overnight Kit K01-0480101-2300
Male Personal Care Travel Kit K01-0489909-9000
Female Personal Care Travel kit K01-0489910-9000
Generic Toiletry Kit - Basic K01-0489911-8000
Generic Toiletry Kit - Standard K01-0489911-9000
Generic Toiletry Kit- Shaveless- Standard K01-0489911-9001
Generic Toiletry Kit - Deluxe K01-0489911-9100