Customer Comments

The following unsolicited customer comments were emailed to' customer service department:

"Just wanted to say thank you for providing a place to buy quality gluten free products in snack size containers at a fair price. My elementary school age daughter has Celiac Disease requiring us to keep a stash of non perishable food at her school and in her backpack. Many of the products you carry are perfect for this and do not require me to purchase 50+units that we will not eat before they expire. Keep up the good work!"
- Mary M.

"I just wanted to say I've never seen an order packed so well. Everything was individually wrapped, and that was absolutely amazing to me to even get a handwritten signature from the people who fulfilled my order. Thanks for making my upcoming trip a lot less stressful! I would like to deeply thank Traci for packing and Agustin for fulfilling, and the rest of the team. Thank you,"
- RS

"Thank you to My order arrived yesterday and was exactly as I ordered and before it was expected. I will remember your good service and recommend it to anyone needing similar products. I’m glad you were on the web."
- Irene G.

"I have received my order and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you so much! The attention to detail in the packing of the products and the service given by Minimus is simply amazing! You all deserve a big pat on the back for a great job!"
– Jodie

"I just found you on the internet because I couldn't find the travel size Shower to Shower powders. You have a wonderful selection of items. And when I found out that you are owned by women, I was delighted. I know I will order again. I wish you well with your business. The items you sell are really needed. Thank you." Penelope M., NY "Shopping with you guys/gals was such a good experience. You've got my business and recommendation! Thank you,"
-- Lori

"Just wanted to say thank you, my order was shipped fast and packed very nice...good job. I will be ordering more from you soon"
- Troy H.

"Thank you! I just received my first order from, and everything was correct and professionally handled. It was a pleasure dealing with you, and this will not be my last order by any means!"
- Mike

"You are a Godsend for a frequent traveler!! Many thanks to Tim & Hilly for packing my order so nicely!"

"I'm a new customer. I just received my first order. Perfect. And I love the touch of the personal card enclosed.. Proudly filled and packed by Paula and Jeremy...Nice touch!
– Russ C.

"I just placed my second order. Great to have a reliable, competitive source for these hard-to-find items, which are so necessary...I run a small coastal charter and maritime training business on the New Hampshire seacoast...These items are just what the doctor ordered. Thanks, again!"

"Love this company. Recently placed an order as I had a trip coming up and it came right on time. I had a wonderful time, carried less weight on my luggage and it was just enough that I didn't have to be anything back just great."
– Crystal S.

"I purchased small individualized soaps for use by homeless individuals in our community during an upcoming Homeless Resource Fair. I wanted to let you know how pleasant and courteous your sales representative was when I placed my order. Also, I live in Kentucky and the product was shipped from California. The product arrived in a quick and timely fashion. I will be sure to keep your website on our vendor listing for future needs by our Homeless Council. Thanks for such great service."
– Jenni W.

"Thanks for your great website - many products I can only find on and I travel 52 weeks a year so very grateful!"
– Alex U.

"Thanks for the concise packaging of my recent order. It's so nice not to receive a box that's 95% packaging and 5% product! Keep up the good work! Now that I've found you, I'll order again. Sincerely,"
-- Emily M.

"Everything was packaged so well and Tim, who packed it, really went the extra mile to package our items nicely and box up our coffee creamers and bag our little jelly packets, etc. We will definitely be ordering from you again"
- Rebecca K.

"When we get ready to take a trip I always stop in at Minimus to get ready. I check the expiration dates in the first aid kit and restock. I do love that I can get just one packet of something. This way I can be ready for any emergency without having a bunch of product expiring before we need it. But best of all, I gather a big variety of fun snacks for the trip. The excitement of getting ready to take off for adventure, it's like the trip has already started. Oh boy! Are we there yet?!?!?"
– Billie

"Thank you so much for the prompt shipping and quality packaging of my order. This was my first order with you and I will definitely be ordering from you again. Also your website is so easy to navigate I found it very easy to find exactly what I wanted."
– Linda

"I just wanted to take a moment and give your employees a thumbs up!...Your employees seem to go above and beyond with every shipment....We really appreciate the items you have for different food allergies and in travel sizes! You have made our travels to Hungary, Canada, France, Guatemala and Argentina so much easier! Thanks so much"
– Amber

"Thank you for your help. You work for an excellent company. I've bought from them before and intend to buy from them again. Thank you again."
– Sam

"We just received the first shipment and let me tell you- WOW! They are even more amazing and of better quality than imagined to say the least-definitely exceeded our high expectations! Thank you for making it all happen especially helping us stay under budget! You have been wonderful to work with and I couldn't thank you enough for all of your hard work putting this together. Happily looking forward to working with you again in the future! Thank you!"
- Marisol J.

"This is a remarkably good way of putting together the personal supplies needed by my Girl Scout to go camping over the weekend. Now she doesn't have to lug full size bottles of her grooming products."
– Camin B.

"Hello! Just gave your website info to a friend who joined so that they could share the info and send packages to soldiers serving overseas! I stumbled across your website a year or so ago and I tell anyone and everyone I can about it. I have friends who travel a lot for work for business and they absolutely LOVE your site! :)"
– Randi W.

"I just had to write a note to your company to thank you for supplying the trial size items for purchase in small quantities! Our church is having a women's retreat next weekend and we are making personal hygiene bags for needy women. We are able to gift needy women with toiletries that we would not have been able to because of costs. Your website was such a blessing to find! We know that these items will be received with gratitude. Everything was package so carefully and just perfect! Thank you to all who had a hand in this packaging (Robert & Kathy). We look forward to ordering more from you in the future."
- Lisa H.

"I would like to give a HUGE Thank YOU for following the special instructions and going above and beyond what I had requested in order to make a customer like myself extremely happy! I had originally asked to keep items together if possible, like in little baggies if the box was near empty, but instead, I open my package today to find everything sealed separately in watertight bags! You even took the time to seal the toothpaste with the floss and toothbrush into one package! This is outstanding customer service and it made my heart tingle. In these days, it is hard to find a company who treats you like you are a friend, and for this, I will pass the word along about my positive experience with your company. Again, I thank you with the most sincerity."
-- Chris F.

Internal report from our customer service rep... "Just received a phone call from a customer who was so impressed with our service, he wanted to call to let us know that he received his order with nothing damaged. The amazing part is that it was all chips and cookies. He wanted to give Robert (filler) and Tim (packer) a pat on the back for a good job!!"

"Great service! I just received my order. Very pleased with selection and price of my travel size items. Fast shipping."
- Cynthia B.

"You're batting a thousand! Every time I order it's the same old story. My order arrives, perfectly picked, perfectly packed. No wonder I continue to order from you as well as tell my friends about the awesome online mini-everything-Minimus! Thank you."
– Donna

"Thanks for such great and prompt service. Can’t believe how fast I received the order. I will recommend you to everyone I know that needs something you offer…"
- Sharon R.

"Dear Minimus, I placed my first order with you a little over a week ago and could not be more impressed with your company. You offer fair prices and allow for the customer to choose exact quantities – unbelievable! I have been singing your praises even BEFORE receiving the quickly shipped order, received within 6 business days from time of placement. More people need to know about you! Anyhow, I just placed another order and wanted to take the two seconds it takes to send a note of appreciation. You make travelers’ lives much easier and more enjoyable with minimal cost. A true golden treasure I stumbled upon. In all sincerity,"
-- Kara

"I am a flight attendant and this is the best thing ever!"
- Tara E.

"I want to kiss Minimus I love it so much!"
- Ben K.

"Shopping with is a no fuss, no muss, zero risk, pleasure. You go online, make your selection and you are simply good to go. If other decisions we make in life were as stress free and as guaranteed of happiness, the world would be a better place. Began as a skeptic. One call and customer service not only answered my questions and calmed my every concern, they took the time to actually help me shop. The cynic in you might say, well, of course they did. But you see, there was not one hint of pressure, it was more like speaking with a friend who was eager to maximize my experience with this company. Our items arrived in a package, artfully packed, at our resort for our vacation. Each item was exactly what we had wanted and met or exceeded our expectations. Truly doesn't get better than this.Go forth, take your time, miss nothing on this site. You will not be sorry. Thank you for being far and above, the best travel buddy ever!"
- Ruth Ann and Barry

"Dear Minimus, Where have you been all my life?!?! I just put in my first order, but I read so many good reviews of your service that I do not anticipate any issues. I just want to say how grateful I am that someone has undertaken this kind of a business! I am single girl, and grocery shopping has been a constant struggle from the day I left home! You are exactly what I've been waiting for! I want to be able to have all the wonderful things large quantity buying consumers enjoy- jam, A1, pistachios, a variety of salad dressings- but all of these would have gone bad in my poor little half-sized fridge before I could finish them! I'm so very very happy I found you!"
– Katt

"Just want to send a job well done to you. From beginning to end, your company was wonderful."

"Thank you!!! My husband is recently deployed and really wanted me to find Miracle Whip packets for him. I am so glad I found your website and that you ship to FPO AP addresses! He is going to be so happy. I shared your site on FB because I am sure other spouses would like to do the same. Will surly order from you again and spread the word :-)"
-- Linda C.

"I am bed-ridden in a nursing home. Because of you, I have been able to say “thank you” to many of my care givers. Thank you so very much."
- Linda D.

"Just had to write. I just received my order, Easy Mending Kit. My daughter is getting married & I wanted a sewing kit that was complete but inexpensive. I wanted to include them in the Hotel Guest Bags from the Bride & Groom. These kits were perfect for what I wanted. I love the packaging and of course, the price. Thank you so much for the perfect addition to their gift bags."
- June R.

"I want to thank so much for offering travel size items so that I can give them to a charity in Washington D.C. that provides homeless people the basic needs. Miriam's Kitchen is always asking for travel size items and feel blessed to have found this online store. Thank you for your customer service, awesome selection of products and amazing prices! I love the free shipping over $20! THANK YOU!!"

"I can't thank for all the wonderful customer service thus far. Finding your website has made it possible for me to send travel size toiletries to a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. where I volunteer! I'm looking forward to send them more via your wholesale rates. Thanks again!"
-- Almay A.

"I have been looking for years for a web site that sells travel size stuff ... I only travel with packets, and LOVE the great selection on your web site."
-- Jan L.