Newbury Park, CA (July 31, 2007) – How can a business about things so small be so big?  What started with a five-hundred square foot, second floor office, with one computer and four shelves of travel-sized products, has developed into a flourishing business. recently celebrated its third anniversary, and the company continues to look ahead to the future with the upcoming addition of space beyond their 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility. is the brainchild of the Shrater family, an idea born while on a family vacation a little more than three years ago.  The Shraters decided to launch and pioneered the concept of a one-stop-shop for travel-sized items, filling an untouched business niche.  The online store offers a variety of categories of travel size and individual size items, including personal care, pharmacy, food, and domestics. 

In addition to the retail business, also offers a wholesale and fulfillment division for numerous markets.  As a one-stop-shop, they are able to penetrate various market segments that many other manufacturers and distributors that contain lines of travel sizes are having a hard time reaching.

In August of ’06, when the UK terror scare prompted the TSA to impose strict guidelines for toiletries carried onto airplanes, was in a perfect position to service the new demands of traveling customers.  As it turns out, the TSA guidelines were the same as those set by Minimus since their beginning, and all of the products offered on their website met TSA’s new three ounce rule.  Additionally, they immediately responded to the new restrictions by offering a free quart-sized Ziploc bag packed with the toiletries ordered by customers.  Many customers chose to utilize the free shipping to hotels in advance of their arrival, which Minimus had implemented long before the new TSA rules. This event brought new focus to travel sizes in the media, and by the public at large, and was there to service people's needs.  

Previously, when Hurricane Katrina hit, many government agencies, companies, and charitable non-profits clamored to purchase toiletries, but with the lengthy application and shipping procedures with most larger companies, goods were going to take too long to reach the needy people.  Thus, many of them turned to, which was able to provide immediate turnaround on getting goods out the door through their lean, non-bureaucratic operations philosophy. As Minimus continues to grow, it is an important lesson they have taken with them - not to get caught in the trap of losing personal service through growth.  

Demonstrating that the market for travel sizes extends well beyond the average traveler, Minimus has developed a unique partnership with the national non-profit military support group Soldiers’ Angels, which provides aide and comfort to all of the armed forces and their families.  The light weight and portability of travel sizes and individual sizes are ideal in the mobile world of the active armed forces abroad. Through donations, Soldiers' Angels has utilized the fulfilment services of Minimus to send out tens of thousands of care packages to deployed soldiers, wounded at military hospitals, and military families in need. supplies the non-profit with toiletry items at wholesale prices, and then provides fulfillment services to assemble, package, and ultimately ship them to places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Korea, and Germany.  Minimus provides the warehouse space free of charge. 

Not only is Minimus excited to be the pioneer retailer and wholesaler of all things travel-sized world-wide, but beyond this planet as well. One of the most unique customers has been NASA, which has purchased several different packets of condiments from in January of 2006, and again in February of 2007, to spice up meals on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Note to Editors: Co-Founder and Exec. VP of Marketing Paul Shrater is available for interviews and more detailed company history and information.

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